Discover Borobudur's Stone Statues and Decorative Reliefs and their Tales

The Enlightened One
From Worldly Prince to the Enlightened One: Buddha in Borobudur

There are more than 500 Buddhist statues in every room of Borobudur.

72 of the Buddha statues sit in perforated, bell-shaped stupas located on the upper platform of the temple, which is dominated by a majestic dome, representing perfection and enlightenment.

Reliefs Uncovered
Unique details and characters from the walls of Borobudur Temple

The walkways are decorated by more than 2,600 relief panels carved in stone.

The carved reliefs showcase Buddha's life and journey from worldly prince to the Englightened one.

Many characters appear in the reliefs, including businessmen, bankers, children, animals and others.

Legends and Tales
Tale Excerpts from the Borobudur Reliefs

There are a few stories about tortoises in the Jataka Tales, one of which is about a Tortoise who loved his river home and died after a drought.

He cried to the teacher Bhaggava, after learning his lesson, "Go where there's life; nor stay at home for death to master thee."

This particular relief tells the story of Manohara, a half-bird and half-woman, also known as a Kinnari. The Jataka Tales and legend says that a magical component allowed her to fly and transform into a bird.

Manohara is considered a heroine in these legendary tales.

In the ancient tale, Prince Sudhana falls in love with Queen Manohara. The story tells many adventures of the Prince in pursuit of the Queen after she was vanished from the city.

This series covers the walls of monument by more than 9,000ft.

Depicting ancient tales and stories of daily life, the bas-reliefs and statues of the temples allow visitors to extend their imagination to the 8th and 9th centuries.

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PT.Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur, Prambanan & Ratu Boko [PERSERO]

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