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 Made by Idzerda, from design to sale

Craftmanship and technical ingenuity
Those are the two main ingredients for the objects Hans Henricus Schotanus à Steringa Idzerda (1885-1944) produced in his factory between the two World Wars. He was a perfectionist and had an eye for detail and quality. His radio's and technical objects are designed and made with such craftsmanship and high end materials, they still stand out today. 

Design sketch of the front plate of a Bivario receiver.

Cost of producing a Bivario.

Deka de Luxe
One of the receivers Idzerda built was the Deka. He made several versions of this radio, called the Deka, the Deka de Luxe and the Deka Superieur.

Deka de Luxe, NRI

Apparently Idzerda also wanted to tap into the French market of listeners.

Tracking the trace
In this little booklet Idzerda kept notes of all the equipment he sold. On this page we can trace the registration number of one of the Deka's in the collection of Sound and Vision. It's number 5774 and was sold on August 13 1923. According to our registration, the Deka was donated on August 16, 1979 by Miss C.M. van Boetzelaer-Jordens. Most likely this was the wife of another Dutch radio pioneer the Baron Rutger van Boetzelaer.

Coils, NRI.

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