These Are My Friends

Gyeonggi Children's Museum

We have a great number of friends from different cultures. ‘World Friends’ introduces their stories. Through the stories of friends from diverse cultural backgrounds, we can learn about the countries and cultures of their moms and dads. Surely there will be similarities and differences between us and our countries. Let’s meet our neighbors from two different cultures! Let’s try on the traditional Chinese dress known as a Qipao. How about learning the Vietnamese hat dance, or wearing a conical hat? Or we can play Indonesian musical instruments and have a real experience of Indonesian culture. We can try different games and play of other countries in the Village Playground. (This space is designed for elementary school students.)

‘These are my friends’ Exhibition Hall
‘Japan/Eungyeong’s Room’ Section
‘Face Decoration’ Displays

• Learning Objectives:
- To experience Fukuwarai, a traditional Japanese game played on or around New Year’s Day.

• Instructions:
1. Choose a facial feature.
2. With the eyes closed, stick the feature on the blank face on the glass to complete the face.

‘These are my friends’ Exhibition Hall
‘Vietnam/Kimmy’s Room’ Section
‘Money around the World’ Displays

• Learning Objectives:
-To learn about the heroes depicted on banknotes and coins around the world, starting from the Vietnamese hero, Ho Chi Minh.

• Instructions:
1. Turn the models of Korean, Vietnamese and American money.
2. Learn about the great men depicted on various banknotes or coins.

Gyeonggi Children's Museum
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