Solidarity Shorts

“Solidarity for the future”

Shorts Solidarity is an international film contest aimed at young people from all over the world. The goal of the contest is to encourage individuals to take a deep look at the relations that take place between people and cultures in our world, expressed in the form of a short film that will reflect their vision of the idea of solidarity in the XXI century.

"Light Following", Kateryna Gornostai, From the collection of:
"Rebelión de Crayones", David Escolona Carillo, From the collection of:
"Monks", Min Min Hein, From the collection of:
"Light Following", Kateryna Gornostai, From the collection of:
"Let's equally share our poverty", Navat Gasanova, From the collection of:
"Smile - a symbol of solidarity", Zin Moe Win, From the collection of:

The establishment of Solidarity (Solidarność) was one of the most important events in the recent history of Poland. Not only was it the first independent trade union in the Soviet bloc, but more importantly it was a social movement of 10-million people who demanded freedom and civil liberties. The path paved by Solidarity allowed for a set of new civilizational opportunities for the people living in the Soviet bloc. Remembering Poland’s history and the support it received from the international community, we intend to be the advocates of the idea of solidarity across the world through our support of democracy, pursuit of freedom and human rights, especially among the youth.

"A World of Inclusion", Rafael David Álvarez Bermúdez, From the collection of:

The 1st  “Solidarity Shorts” International Film Contest  is addressed to the youth in across the world .

The mission of Solidarity Shorts is to encourage young people to reflect upon the contemporary world and the intercultural and interpersonal relations that take place today

The film contest is organized under the auspices of Poland’s most prominent filmmakers and professors of the Wajda School and Gdynia Film School.

The promotional campaign will include, among other means of promotion, video spots involving esteemed representatives of the world of culture and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.

"Life", Armine Tovmasyan/ Lucine Nazarian, From the collection of:
"Black Chocolate", Cătălin Mircea Palavescu, From the collection of:
"I don't speak Russian", Yana Latypova, From the collection of:
"Let's equally share our poverty", Navat Gasanova, From the collection of:

The contest is addressed to young filmmakers across the world. Each film can represent any genre or form, but each author can submit only one film. None of the films submitted to the contest may be previously used in any competition or shown to a wider public.

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