Aug 25, 2001 - Sep 30, 2001

Very fun Park 2001

Fubon Art Foundation

Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei's East District

On the TV screen in MOD for hair, a bald man has a sweet cream pie mashed on his head. The artist is trying to review the absurd and embarrassing moments in life by repeating this action again and again.

Huang Ching-yi is a young female artist. The material she uses in her work is a product of consumer society - corrugated paper - produced from wood pulp made from trees and processed to standard specifications, generally for the purpose of packaging.

Ink black splashed on the gray wall, good manners are no longer good.

The artist writes her dairy with coffee residue of the first cup of coffee after getting up.
The artist used coffee filters to record the residue of her first coffee every morning as well as her mood. She kept doing it for a whole year.

In a forgetful era, a clothes made with film is nostalgic.
Three dresses made with film trace back the entire life of the artist herself. In a forgetful consumerist era, her dresses keep reminding us of the fragmented old memories.


Good-Bye old Eslite. By installing a box and a peeping hole on its window glass, Tao Ya-Lun presents his memory of the old Eslite Bookstore which formerly occupaied this position.

Above a decaying garden, pairs of eyes are blinking at you, capturing your fantasies.
Going close to the decaying mansion, the sound of sea waves pours toward you. Check it out, you will find it comes from a bamboo shuttle which has four eyes blinking at you. Do not get too amazed, the artist just built a fantastic garden in this lonely place.

The starfish appear in groups in the corners of the room, on the ceiling, the opening to the ventilation shaft, constantly multiplying, occupying space wherever they appear. Their soft malleable bodies seem to squirm in the space, creating a terror filled tension. But as the starfish invade the space around them, they themselves are under constant attack from bacteria, which eats away at them bit by bit, until ultimately they rot. This is reminiscent of how, as man has imposed himself on nature, nature has fought back, leading to self-destruction.

Fubon Art Foundation
Credits: Story

CEO:Maggie Tsai
Curator:Yuan-Chien Chang
Yao-Hua Su, Sean C.S Hu, Pei-I Lu, Vivian Hsiung
Yin-Ju Tai, Jada Chan, Tai-Chiu Lee, Chia-Chun Chang

Fang Wei-wen, Luo Jui-Lin, Liu Shih-Tung, Tao Ya-Lun, Yeh Yi-Li, Chen Hui-Ju, Ling Fan, Lin Hong-Wen, Deng Hui-Fen, Chen Chun-Ming, Lee Min-Jong, Shyu Ruey-shiann, Luo Hsiu-mei, Chang Wang, Peng Hung-Chih, Lin Chien-jung, Lin Chun-ju, Pan Ping-Yu, Huang Yi-Min, Deng Hui-Fen, Hsiao Sheng-Chien, Huang Yi-Chih, Huang Fang-chi, Chung Shun-ta, Yao Jui-chung, Chen Hui-Ju, Wang Te-Ho, Kuo Wei-kuo, Huang Ching-yi, Chen Co-Min, Cola King, Huang Yi-Ming, Hsu Chia-Jung, Hsieh Min-Wen, Liu Chu-Lian, Wu Dar-Kuen, Chao Shih-Chen, Chou shih-Hung, Huang Yu-Chih, Lin Shu-Min, Tsai Hai-Ju, Mr. Red

Credits: All media
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