The project and the inauguration

Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro

The Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro is one of the main cultural institutions in the country.
The history of its construction starts in October 1903 when a public competition was open to choose the architectural design.

The projects "Isadora" and "Aquilla" achieved the same number of votes from the jury. The "Aquilla" had the secret author Francisco de Oliveira Passos, son of the Mayor Francisco Pereira Passos, whose urban reforms initiated in 1902 have radically changed the appearance of the center of Rio de Janeiro.
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The final design came from the fusion of the two winning projects.

The construction works started in January 1905. The cornerstone of the building was placed on 20th May of that year.

The construction and decoration works of the Municipal Theater will last four and a half years.

Just one year after the start of the construction it was possible to see the magnificence and beauty of the future theater.

On July 14th 1909 the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro was inaugurated, beginning the history of the main theater in the country, place of great concerts, operas and balls.

The crowd agglomerate at the main entrance on the night of the inauguration, impressed by the grandeur and opulence of Theatro

The first program of the Municipal Theater presented important pieces of Brazilians composers: "Insônia", by Francisco Braga; "Noturn," from the opera "Condor" by Carlos Gomes; the play "Bonança" by Coelho Neto; and the opera "Moema", by Delgado de Carvalho.

The next day the press recorded a memorable night for the city: "Night of opulent galas, said at blinding aspect of all those architectural beauties in focus, the flamboyance of those costly marbles (...); night of art by the music and by he Brazilian scene in which they were married, to celebrate the inauguration fausta, a language and warp light Bonança of Coelho Neto, and the ranges of our musicians in poems harmonies sensitizers."
(The Tribune, 15/07/1909)

Soon after the national anthem, the poet Olavo Bilac in a heated speech, extolled the creation of the Municipal Theater:

"Lacked you this palace, beloved city! In your splendid revival you lacked this statement of your artistic genius! And I bless the benevolent lucky that I booked the good fortune to have been chosen to deliver to your enjoyment and your affection this House which is one of the most beautiful jewels in your crown of Queen! "

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