Feb 24, 2018

Silk Screens Caracas

Pérez Celis - Museo Virtual

“From all places I lived and travelled to in the world, first I perceive the light of the scenery, the one that vibrates in the elements, the light that imbues the landscape". Pérez Celis.

La Pampa in the work of Pérez Celis is the profundity, the one giving horizontal dizziness to Jorge Luis Borges.
Venezuela brakes the horizontal line of La Pampa and bursts into the verticality. Living on top of a mountain, “El Bello Monte “he created this series of silk screens.
Pérez Celis saw in Venezuela the representation of the three cultures, the melting pot of America: the european, the native and the black.
Museum of Fine Arts Caracas
Fundación Pérez Celis
Credits: Story

Fundación Pérez Celis
Designers Iván Villani and Luz Arias
Photo credit Mauro Roll

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