Fashion Graduate #1  Shone Puipia

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

World top fashion is made in Antwerp. Discover new, wayward design talents. Here's Shone's   2016 graduation process at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: The Wild Bunch.

Shone Puipia
Shone Puipia is one of the 6 master students who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, in 2016. Close after he left the School of Arts, the fresh Thai graduate dived into the professional world. Together with Raphaële Lenseigne, Shone launched a new shoe label: 'Adult'. You can follow Shone on and But first, take a quick look behind the scenes here.

I started writing my collection story,
my dreamscape of sorts,
inspired by the 1975 Peter Weir film
‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’.

Where have they gone, the Victorian schoolgirls?

Did they step into a parallel reality where their perfect setting seems to have turned over and a hot-blooded energy has taken over?

Their innocence and youth along with their
pure virginal dresses carry a darker, wilder undertone.

The collection explores the contrast between the proper Victorian elements and a more sensual and sexual side of dressing – the girls revealing their 'wild' side.

My clothing was as white as that worn by the female characters in 'Picnic At Hanging Rock'. I added organic and raw touch to it. First time I drew on loose paper brought me more natural sketches.

Shoes and boots design has become an important part of my personal development as a designer.

There's an emphasis on handwork, from the needle felting, hand embroideries to handwoven fabrics.

Floral and animalistic aspects find new ways of expression through other unexpected sources of materials.

I started my education at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp with caution.
Four years later I've become more self-confident and I've learned to stick to the story I want to tell.

It's not a myth that in order to develop, you need to stay close to yourself and dare to make changes nonetheless, to do something you naturally feel as 'wild'. This counts for all of us.

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Although Shone is travelling a lot, he took the time to share his thoughts and images, which is greatly appreciated!

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