1st Anniversary Exhibition of MMCA Seoul 2014.10.21~2015.5.10

“Do you have a garden?”
A year ago National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul opened its doors for the first time with the objective to be perceived as an urban cultural center that welcomes visitors with warm, open arms. Garden is conceived and presented to celebrate the fact that MMCA Seoul has accomplished one of its missions to become a utopian garden for the general public on the first anniversary of its birth.
1. Encounter
In the first section of this exhibition “Encounter”, viewers are surrounded by works of art that are reflective of the multifarious and even chaotically boisterous aspects of our lives. They are to be delighted to see the scenes full of vitality, love, gratification, and jollity on one hand but on the other to be confronted by those inflicted by gloominess and madness and even by the memories of the hurts and bruises that did not fail to succumb to war and death
2. Pause
A space for “Pause” awaits viewers at the very point where the rampages of brilliant and unsettling colors and disquieting emotions have stopped. Its dense black-and-white forest under a magnificent waterfall helps one to slow down his or her hurried mind and to take a deep breath of fresh air.
3. Dialogue
Upon entering a darkened dark space after taking a pause in the woods, one finds an eighteenth-century Buddhist hanging scroll made during the Joseon Dynasty and works by a twenty-first-century American video artist are conversing with each another.   Together with the huge Buddhist painting scroll, two video and sound installations are on display: Tristan’s Ascension and Fire Woman. These works by Bill Viola were produced for Wagner’s opera created based on the Celtic legend called “Tristan and Isolde.  These three works of art are displayed together in a single space. But the use of a sequential lighting system prevents them from being seen all at the same time. It is as if one throws a question and then disappears from a stage and the other enters it in order to give an answer. It is not just the works that engage in the dialogue. Encouraged to take part in this dialogue, viewers are forced to be faced with the questions that their inner minds ask them.
“You’ve got one.”
Do you have a garden that is both useful and beautiful, that manifests and reflects your life, that facilitates you to ease your breath away from your frantic and exhausting daily routines, that lets you to discover your inner sublimity, that both makes you be brave and calm enough to confront the existential questions heard from your mind, and that gives you the answers to those questions so that you can lift your soul and mind and take a stroll in freedom with no burden on your shoulders? Garden is MMCA Seoul’s Answer to this question. 
Credits: Story

Date: October 21. 2014 ~ April 26. 2015
Venue: Lobby, GalleryⅠ, Ⅱ, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Curated by: Wang Shinyoun
Technical Coordination: Park Yanggyu, Joung Jaeim, Lee Kyoungmi, Hong Jinsung
Special Installation: Choi Doohun, Park Sejin, Lee Youngjoo (Tongdosa Museum)
Media Installation: Um Hyun-soo
Exhibition Design: Kim Yongju, Song Hyemin
Exhibition Construction: Yun Haeri

Credits: All media
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