Isamu Noguchi + Basalt

The Noguchi Museum

"It is said that stone is the affection of old men. That may be so.  It is also the most challenging to work.  A dialogue ensues --  of chance no chance, mistakes no mistakes.  No erasing or reproduction is possible, at least not in the way I now work, leaving nature's mark. It is unique and final." Isamu Noguchi

"I attack the stone with violence. Is this to tame it or to awaken myself? To fulfill the potential in the stone I seek a power to cope by any means. Destruction is then the road to creation."

"The materiality of stone, its essence, to reveal its identity-not what might be imposed but something closer to its being. Beneath the skin is the brilliance of matter."

"Discovery is a breakthrough. We are carried along to this peak by a wave, a tune, a mood, a remembrance."

"Sometimes, out of despair, when we have given up, the stone itself sends a message...Finally everything falls into place and emerges with a precision so remarkable it cannot be chance."

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Select quotations by Isamu Noguchi are from the publication, "The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum" by Isamu Noguchi. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1987

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Photography by: Shigeo Anzai, Kevin Noble, Sarah Wells, Tibo

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