Iconic costume design - The Youth of Peter the Great

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Inside the  majestic wardrobe housed at Gorky Film Studio 

1980: The Youth of Peter the Great, directed by
Sergey Gerasimov

The Youth of Peter the Great (1980)
A two-part film, which was based on a novel Peter I, written by Aleksey Tolstoy. The film was directed by a famous Russian director Sergey Gerasimov. The movie is considered to be a classic of Russian historical cinema. 
The costumes
The costumes for the film were designed by Eleonora Maklakova and Natalia Polyakh.

Peter's Diamond Hat

Designed by Eleonora Maklakova.

Peter's Diamond Hat

Metal, artificial stones, rhinestones, sable.

Wedding scene

Actress Lyubov Germanova, the role is Evdokia Lopukhina.Costume designer Eleonora Maklakova.

Wedding costume

Wedding costume ("red shirt", charge) from the patterned velvet brocade. It is made of brocade, metallized with braid, rhinestones, artificial pearls, buttons.

The bodice is made of silk rep and pistachio. It is made of pink gas-chiffon, lace with metallized thread, lace guipure of color of ecru. Manual and machine work. The beginning of the 1900s, Russia.


Lino, soutache, artificial stones, rhinestones, artificial pearls, beads, gold cord. Ties from the patterned brocade late XIX - early XX century, metallized fringe. Lining of silk.

Czarevna Sophia

Sophia Alekseyevna (27 September 1657 – 14 July 1704) ruled as regent of Russia from 1682 to 1689. She allied herself with a singularly capable courtier and politician, Prince Vasily Golitsyn, to install herself during the minority of her brother Ivan V and half-brother Peter I. She carried out her regency with a firm and heavy hand, not hesitating to use violent tactics to promote her agenda. The activity of this "bogatyr-tsarevna" (as Sergey Solovyov called her) was all the more extraordinary, as upper-class Muscovite women, confined to the upper-floor terem and veiled and guarded in public, invariably were kept aloof from any open involvement in politics.


Embroidery on the linen lace, lino, leather, rhinestones, artificial pearls, tombs.


Necklaces, wrists, colts. Brocade, artificial pearls, rhinestones, openwork metal lining.
Costume designer Eleonora Maklakova.

Female suit

A female suit (a "red shirt", a calf) made of red damask. It is made of soutache, metallized braids and cord, embroidery with artificial pearls, beads. Lining of silk twill.

Women's costume
Women's costume ("red shirt", overhead coat) from the patterned brocade of the late XIX - early XX centuries. The overhead fur coat is trimmed with lurex braid. Lining of silk twill.

Design sketch

Costume designer Eleonora Maklakova.
The overhead fur coat was part of the costume of the actress Vanessa Redgrave, the role of the princess Sofia Alekseevna.

Women's costume

Women's costume ("red shirt", osprey) made of black taffeta, patterned organza with lurex, patterned silk. Opashen trimmed with sable fur.

Women's costume

Credits: Story

Eleonora Maklakova,
Natalia Polyakh,
G. Schmidt

Credits: All media
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