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The Port Region of Rio de Janeiro is the cradle of carioca miscegenation. There every day, different faces intersect, hurried towards the school, work, leisure or rest at home. It's where cultures meet, the past, present and tomorrow live. An intense movement of people, dozens of languages and different skin tones. Know who is part of everyday life in this area.

Matthew Massoxe is DJ and living in Brazil for 16 years. Born in Luanda, Angola, Brazil had three children with different women. Usually worked out in Flamengo (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Heron Souza is a technical security at the port terminal in Rio and attends college of Civil Engineering. Catumbi is a resident in the Central region, working on 24-hour shifts (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Katia Simon is employee of a store at Avenida Rio Branco, right in the downtown Rio. He lives in Governor's Island and everyday uses barges toward Fifteen Square (photo Gustavo Otero).

Gerson Luiz dos Santos, 88 years old, is the resident of Providence Hill. Born in Sao Paulo, he fell in love with Rio de Janeiro during Carnival and decided to move to the city. Married, he had children and is considered as a happy person (photo: Marcos Tristão).

Thiago Pires works in technology at the Court, in the Praça Quinze region. His greatest passion is playing the guitar with his "Fundamental" group, which has samba and pagoda in the repertoire (photo Gustavo Otero).

Gustavo Menegale, nicknamed Gnome, sells crafts, music and poetry in Conde Orla, Port Region of Rio. He plans to travel in Brazil with his unusual hat on (photo Gustavo Otero).

Every day, Roseli Ferreira crosses the Guanabara Bay towards the city center to sell lingerie and cosmetics in the streets. Who does not find her wandering the sidewalks, just to call her by phone and makes the order that she delivers (photo Gustavo Otero).

The florist and gardener Matthew Matos, 19, was raised in the Morro da Providencia. But it is the road, on which he spends most of the time on, enjoying the movement in his small store of flowers in Acre Street (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Lidmar Pedro works in the Navy and lives near the Praca Maua. Despite his busy life in downtown Rio, he is easily found nearby the streets of Copacabana, in the south (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Nildes Teixeira, 53, lives in Campo Grande, West Zone of Rio, but works in Sacadura Cabral street in Port Region. He said that the construction of the Museum of Tomorrow was a milestone in the revitalization of Port (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Gabriel Raposo, 33, a fireman and works since 2004 in one of several buildings installed on Avenida Rio Branco. He says he saw an abandoned and dangerous port area turn into an area of culture and leisure. He feels very proud to be part of this new Rio de Janeiro (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Gilliard da Silva, 29, works in the parking of the old building of the Rio Stock Exchange, in the Praça Quinze. A resident of Nova Iguaçu, in the Baixada Fluminense, he likes going to the square for a rest during his time off (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Isabela Jorge, 21, can be seen frequently in the Valongo Observatory in Morro da Conceição high. Student of Astronomy course at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, she always attends the classes with her boyfriend Victor Hugo (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Victor Hugo Silva, the boyfriend of Isabela, is 18 years old and is in the third year of Astronomy course at UFRJ. Fundão resident, he is already used to cross the Red Line towards the top of Morro da Conceição, where is the Observatory Valongo located (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Edmilson Ribeiro da Costa, Pele, 43, is a resident of Gamboa and adviser tutelary in an NGO in Pedra Lisa, Morro da Providencia region. He hopes that in the future, the government will more value the residents of the entire port area (photo: Gustavo Otero).

The Portuguese Jill Palmeiro, 22, is one of the tourists who came to visit the Praça Mauá after the revitalization and the establishing of the museums (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Catherine Rill, Portuguese mother Jill, has a close relationship with the Port Region. She is daughter of Dutch parents, born by chance in Rio de Janeiro, when her parents walked on a cruise ship and her mother had to give birth (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Jorge Borba, 61, sells popcorn at the same place on the street Sacadura since 1989. He saw the overthrow of the High Perimeter and the changes made in the region over the years - and says he liked much what has been done (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Victor Monteiro, 22 years old, follows every day the same routine: leaves at 8 am at Paciência neighborhood, in West of Rio de Janeiro area, to get at 10am to his job as a clerk in telemarketing, a company located in the Morro da Conceição, in the Region Port (photo: Gustavo Otero).

Barbara Martin Prado is 21 years old and is an intern in Human Resources in Libra Terminal, the Port Region of Rio. She has moved from São Paulo in early 2016 and is still adapting to the new life, without denying that she feels homesick (photo: Gustavo Otero).

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