In August 2014, Sofles, Smug and Adnate teamed up for two large scale wall projects in Melbourne.   

This collaboration between Adnate, Sofles and Smug was created on a wall in Fitzroy, replacing an existing wall that had been used by Melbourne street artists for over a decade.

After completion of the wall, a disgruntled resident complained to the council in regards to the beer can image promoting an alcohol brand, Melbourne Bitter.

The story turned public, ensuring in a controversial media furor, resulting in TV coverage and a front page article on The Age newspaper.

The result of this controversy was little however, and the wall remains as the artists initially intended it to be.

Local videographer Ed whitfield (EdinFocus) also shot a video of another amazing collaboration by Adnate, Smug and Sofles at Northland Shopping Centre. From the YouTube description:

"British talent Smug, who has been hailed globally as one of the world’s most talented photo-realistic street artists, will be teaming up with two of Australia’s leading street artists Adnate and Sofles to collectively design and deliver a unique and ‘North’ inspired graphic.

The world first collaboration comes off the back of a new initiative from Northland Shopping Centre which aims to better utilise its key spaces to help showcase local and international talent, as well as support innovative projects and events.

Michael Bickers, Northland Centre Manager explains. “We wanted to explore the idea of creating more interesting spaces at the centre. A high-profile street art installation was suggested so we took the time to search for the right kind of artists who understood the Northland brand. On discovering local talent Adnate, who is famous for photo-realistic works in Fitzroy, Melbourne’s North and the CBD, we immediately saw a connection. Adnate was keen to be involved and invited internationally renowned Scottish street artist Smug and Brisbane talent Sofles to join the project. Together they have an incredible style supported by their huge fan following – we couldn’t be happier.”

Credits: Story

Photos — Dean Sunshine and David Russell
Videographer — Ed Whitfield (EdInFocus)
Curators — Fletcher Andersen (Facter), Dean Sunshine, Luke McManus

Credits: All media
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