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“Cultura del agua, rescate de espacios púbicos y arte urbano en la Ciudad de México”

"Today we are presenting this project that promotes the importance of caring for water, the rescue of public spaces and promotes talented young artists in Mexico City.

Water care is a fundamental issue for our city, that's why every time we need to do more in our homes, schools and workplaces to have a more harmonious and sustainable way of relating to water.

Hidro Arte invites artists of our city to express through his talent, a message through art invite reflection on water care.

Likewise, this project is an excellent choice rescue of public spaces, and that the artistic expressions of this program are made through murals headquarters of the Federal District, which have been affected by unauthorized pints.

With a joint work is linked successfully, government, private initiative and citizenship, even creating spaces for artistic expression with social commitment in various sites of high vehicular and pedestrian traffic in our city.

I want to say that Hydro Arte competition received 566 sketches and a half months duration of the call, which the jury chose 30 finalists who made 30 murals in 30 days.

These murals were performed in 5 locations of high visual impact, located in avenues high vehicular and pedestrian traffic by improving urban image of the city with the support and sponsorship from the private sector, and likewise joining this contest participation citizenship through public voting for their favorite murals.

Through this program have recovered 950 m² public space, having a great acceptance by neighbors and passers which enjoy artwork instead of affected areas. ”

Dr. Miguel Angel Mancera Espinoza

Mexico City Mayor

"Tláloc ...flying towards transparency of being"

Uzziel Álvarez Fuentes “Uzzy 86”

  “Tláloc ...flying towards transparency of being”

Water is an element that is vital to our life and we retake an Aztec deity representing this element Tláloc , making a remembrance of critical state found some municipalities of DF in terms of flooding, toxic waste , garbage, etc that affect the Water System of the City of Mexico .

Using the expression of urban art for the preparation of this mural and the combination of my admiration for some of the greatest muralists ; Jorge Gonzalez Camarena and David Alfaro Siqueiros an anthropomorphic figure is represented in a two dimensional space trying to communicate with the passer out of the two-dimensional space in the form of high relief (sculpture ) its prehispanic mask as if changing dimension thus generate a visual impact the viewer becoming aware about our culture, care and respect for water.

  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GraffDeKraft?fref=ts

"Energy and life forces"

Edmundo Moreno Suárez

  “Energy and life forces”

  Water is considered an essential element generation, expansion and sustenance of living beings. In this project we go to our immediate past and we find Tlaloc and Chalchihuitlicue who represent the strength and energy of high water (clouds, rain, thunder, hail, etc.) to fertilize the soil and feed on the seed and being by birth), and the shallow waters (rivers, wells, lakes, ponds, etc.) used to give freshness and daily cleaning, feed plants and animals...

  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edmundomoreno?fref=ts

"From Pisces to Aquarius"

Gonzalo Ramirez Ruiz “Areuz”

  “From Pisces to Aquarius”

Purify our consciousness and purify the whole world, not become water or any other natural resource poison, remember we are one with the universe!

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/areuz77?fref=ts

"Fundamental Cycle”

Héctor Roberto Gómez Oliver

  "Fundamental Cycle

The sketch of the point of prehispanic view, right side with god Tlaloc where it emerges from his head calmly running water which is then converted into an ocean, passing to the opposite side of the upper left is a clock mechanism representing the accuracy and the perfect job that takes place this cycle. Water continues its lower course and raises some cobs as a symbol of soil fertility due to water flowers also arise as a symbol of beauty, hands holding the precious liquid, which overflow into the earth promoting the growth of trees while the lower left side and the act contemplates Tonatiuh brings light to integrate the cycle, the trees take root in turn by way of geometric abstraction rainbow also become almost go up and colliding with the overflowing water that causes fish in their cause symbolizing abundance and touch what is a rose by way of matrix where a being, a human fetus that makes its way to life, where water gives importance to life itself comes to the center.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hector.oliver.37?fref=ts

"Water as fundamental to the creation of life H2O element"

Carlos Praxedis Fierro Bautista “Praxedis”

“Water as fundamental to the creation of life H2O element”

 The drawing represents a number of different drawings have in common the use of water in various contexts and uses either seen from space, in heaven, on lakes, seas, part of each and depend on it, the man's fish plants is a treasure in common, a small highly schematic timeline different uses him as there must be a balance and consistent use.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/praxedis.buendia?ref=ts&fref=ts

Crystian Daniel Montoya Alcántara

  “The irony”

  Water is a vital element, as it is in it where life originated. Between 60 and 99% of the components that make up all living beings are composed of water. Likewise, 75% of the world is made ​​up of water.

However, one of the contradiction is that the sea water due to the large amounts of salts containing, can not be metabolized by terrestrial living beings.

Today, humans in an effort to find a “better life”, “to meet their needs” and “to improve their social life”, has led to a change in the environment , which has brought great result atmospheric changes (melting icecaps, floods, landslides and droughts, among other catastrophes of global climate change).

So that now water can leverage and people increasingly consume less. A very revealing and alarming example is that we live in the City of Mexico, where there is a great lack of water in different delegations as Iztapalapa and Iztacalco and is even more ironic that at the same time, on the coast of Mexico , as in warrior and Veracruz where entire villages have been razed by severe floods also have a lack of potable water.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crystiandaniel.montoya?fref=ts

"The irony"

Oscar Montalvo Carrasco

“Ñuu Savi"

The word that comes from the mouth of the jaguar is expressed through the water element as a symbol of life. The power of this small river is slow , but uneasy , generating ... from her new beings emerge and with them the music (guitar and the arts) as different symbols of expression, and thus , new beings emerge from the water to the the tree as another element of our discourse : land ... land from which seeds, where great works arise arise . A tree that weaves its roots to hold the soil but at the same time rises to great heights ; its branches and leaves harboring the same pages of the books symbolize the knowledge that man wants to achieve the purpose for your understanding and development.

Besides a jaguar mask as a representation of Mexican identity with prehispanic reminiscent , as well as the worldview of human beings in a profound way .

Finally, we found a hand that crosses the branches of our tree, which has a mystical , supreme, divine meaning ; that hand planting corn seeds to the course of time are germinate and bear great fruit. Those seeds merge with the earth and water to make way for new solidarity men support each other to climb, learning to learn and climb to the top.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004604207856&fref=ts

“Ñuu Savi”
"The last glass of water"

Eduardo Dávila Arias “Arty & Chikle”

“The last glass of water”

Try to exemplify the chaos that I think would unleash the last glass of water, considering that life is a vital liquid and this belongs to everyone , not just talking about the man but of all species , plants and animals ; and create a little awareness at all to the care of this.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chikle.bomba.oficial?fref=ts

" Water Ceremony "

Paulina Suárez Vázquez & Loreli

“ Water Ceremony ”

  It is the representation of a celebration that reaffirms the importance of water and its different states. Since time immemorial humans have performed ceremonies and dances to bring rain and with it the crops , rivers , lakes and life itself .

  In this scene a party rain with anthropomorphic animals , which represent the very nature herself retribuyéndose the importance of this vital illustrated .

The edge of the drawing shows the different states through which water passes , which are very important and beneficial for the environment , the atmosphere and the preservation of life.


Blog: http://groovyfayuca.blogspot.mx/

  "Water Heart of Life, sacred element ... "

Cesar Hernández Sosa “Nick”

“Water Heart of Life, sacred element ... ”

Work inspired by water as a vital element and sacred because without it we would not be present all living beings in contact with it came into contact with creation, with life itself , with God , the universe and drink filled of that life our body clean and freshen our body alive , so we owe a great respect and a responsible and conscious use.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artemexika.pintura?fref=ts

Angélica Argüelles Kubli

  “Water for Life”

Water is vital for every human being and if we do a social conscience to care, use it and channel it properly in the future regret having wasted.

  Sometimes one forgets that there are communities that still do not have potable water, and we who are privileged and have the advantage of just open the tap and have this vital liquid available to us, we must care for and raise awareness for this last us, not when there is remedy.


"Water for Life"

Abner Aod García Casillas “Koate Mix”

  “80% H2O”

Water as one of the vital components of all living matter for their survival and proper functioning should be meticulously care , because without it we would die in a few days and is that every cell and organ functions of living things depend on water. in humans water is 85 percent of the blood, the brain 75 percent , 70 percent and muscles until 22 percent of the skeleton that also covers 3/4 water ( 71 % ) of the surface of the earth .

  As we all know , water is the most important , valuable and abundant chemical that we have on planet earth , but unfortunate and paradoxically one of the most scarce in many regions not only in the country, if not the whole world ( according to UN 80 countries worldwide currently suffer due to lack of water).

When we are born we are made ​​of +/- 80 % water, and from that information I decided to make a graph focused on the importance of the vital liquid , in this design incorporates the idea of ​​life / death related to water, integrating a mother in a state of 0 % H2O or water, in reality dead , begging or lamenting the loss of fluid in your life , in your dimension, emphasizing that we are nothing without water , we have life, and thus contrasting with this strong scene , integrating a child who this mother holds as organic lifestyle to contain in itself a 80 % water and therefore “ live ” and has a future.

It is my view on the importance of water in our lives , the message I want to convey is doing a comparison as I mentioned living and / or death and demonstrate that water is essential for earthly existence and in its absence or lost, we could not simply exist.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ABNER.AGC?fref=ts

"80% H2O"

David Francisco Espinosa Bautista “Eager”


Water as a fundamental source of life in all its forms, like women 's creative source of life without these two elements life could not be conceived .

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.e.espinosa.94?fref=ts


Daniel Martínez Carrillo “Persak”

“He longs for a life captivate the water”

Children represent that innocence without bias, which causes curiosity they face a stream created by Tláloc (rain god) who is responsible for maintaining the vertical water cycle. Actually the literal translation (Nahuatl: Tlaloc, “nectar tierra'' tlalli, land octli nectar) would 'nectar of the earth', and refers to the time the rain infiltrates the ground and is part of it. The fund created by birds and fish refers to all living beings who need this vital to stay alive and maintain a balance with nature liquid.

Promoting the culture of water is important, starting from education, children are the perfect target to induce a responsible training resource savings .

Water is for all, without it life would not exist, so we must take care as too valuable, we must think of future generations and not be so selfish, we have been privileged to enjoy the natural elements of this planet concessional all means, if we continue at this pace in terms of pollution this world will soon cease to be the place for “ the creation of life.”

"He longs for a life captivate the water"

Erick Vargas Burgos “Trebool”


“Our treasure”


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TreboolOide?fref=ts

"The metropolis of Tláloc"

Austin Cortés Salas

“The metropolis of Tláloc”

My particular interest is to represent the city of Mexico with a current symbolic, from easily recognizable architectural elements and in turn make a conjunction of the contemporary cityscape with the presence of the ancient god of celestial water Tláloc, the god as you can see is connected through a network of pipes (representing Water System ) with the city , and today at least here in Mexico City the idea of ​​water is no longer observed both in waterfalls and rivers but rather through the key, turn the water is the source of life , and that is why voluntarily emanating from the mouth of Tláloc the umbilical cord connect with humans in the purest stage through which all spent 9 months of our life , the beginning of our existence was in an environment surrounded by water , we exist thanks to the water. We are water.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/austin.n.cortes?fref=ts

Ivan Arturo Núñez Vázquez “Oveja”

“Learning to lead”

This work is intended to denote a reality that we have achieved by the indiscriminate use of water, the image around the world is more common than we think, as children of Mexico and elsewhere is the life we ​​face daily to survive. It is said that there is more pain than seeing a child suffer, if this is true because we have to make our children suffer purposely wasting vital liquid and leave a legacy of suffering and deprivation.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovejanegran?fref=ts

"Learning to lead"

Luis David Jiménez García “Sorf”

  “Fight for conserve water”

Illustration of a mexican wrestler lacing with a typographic message for the awareness of the use and care of water.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luis.sorf?fref=ts

"Fight for conserve water"
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