Nov 1, 2014 - Dec 15, 2014

St+art 2014, Mumbai : Bandra

St+Art India

Al the action from Mumbai's first Street Art Festival

The St+Art Mumbai festival was organised in Mumbai from November - December, 2014 which brought down artists from across the country and the world to Mumbai for a street art festival. The festival started in the suburb of Bandra which is a vibrant and culturally active part of the city. The winding lanes and empty walls of Pali Village became the canvasses for the artists.

Tofu (Ger) painting in a lane in Pali VIllage
Phomes (Germ) paints as a local looks on
This is what the lane looked like after the artists were done
Ara Peng Crew (Ger)
Ara Peng Crew (Ger)
Ara Peng Crew (Ger)

Since the intervention was spread across weeks, artists worked on individual pieces, along with collaborations with other other artists. Anpu and Tika painted a cat on the wall of a pet grooming salon. (right)

Anpu  (Ind) + Tika (Swi) collab
BOND (Ger)
Tona (Ger) in Pali Village
Anpu (Ind) + Nora (Ger)'s piece in Pali Village

“Spaces like these are rare in a large, growing metropolis like Bombay and are often threatened. And the threat is not that somebody will come and destroy it, but they are essentially being bought out. And this being one of the entrances to Pali Village -  almost like a threshold between two different set of urban's, the idea was to create a visual metaphor for this confrontation, so the idea of a battle came about.”

- Amitabh Kumar

Amitabh Kumar (Ind) in Pali Village

After Pali Village, the festival started spreading further out to other parts of Bandra, as more artists arrived for the festival. Tika (Swi) worked on the wall of a residential complex called the 'New Friends' building and used to name as an inspiration for her artwork.

Tika (Swi)

German artist Dome worked over a week to finish his massive piece in Bandra.

German Artist Dome with volunteer
Dome (Ger) 's finished wall

InkBrushnMe (Ind) and Seikon (Pol) painted thees pieces next to each other on a hostel for women.

InkBrushnMe (Ind) + Seikon (Pol)  TO BE REPLACED
Children look on as Tona (Ger) paints his piece 
Tona (Ger)'s finished piece
Yantr (Ind)

Ano (Tiw) painted a bunch of pieces across Bandra during his stay in the city. Starting off by renovating an old dilapidated landmark store known as the Vienna Store.

Ano (Tiw) working on his piece
Ano's (Tiw) finished piece : to be replaced
Ano (Tiw) at Mount Mary Steps
Ano (tiw) at Mount Mary Steps

Akacorleone (Por) works a lot with characters and typefaces and was heavily influenced by the hand painted signages he saw across Mumbai. He painted a piece on the facade of an iconic bakery in the Bandra region known as the Jude bakery, and used a reference to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes in his piece


Indian Artist Anpu wanted to paint something that represented the inherent nature of the city of Mumbai - a city that thrives on chaos, yet has a very

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