All City Canvas 2013

All City Canvas

All City Canvas is a platform that gathers the best urban artists, designers and illustrators around the world to create high impact artistic collaborations.  In 2013, All City Canvas continues generating creative areas of innovation, launching a series of urban interventions in different cities around the world (ACC Global Series).
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All City Canvas brought its Global Series project to New York City from July 20 to August 3, 2013, organizing interventions in the urban art scene and using technology to connect audiences in collaboration with Mex and the City. Programing for ACCGS NYC included an on-site intervention and live streaming of a 200 feet mural by renowned Mexican urban artist SMITHE, sponsored by MTN Colors and presented by Factory Fresh. The Abrons Center for the Arts hosted a Speaker Series and film screenings co-hosted by Google+.

The goal of All City Canvas Global Series (ACCGS) is to work with unique artists and help them reach global recognition to promote high impact collaborations through their works.

A series of Google+ Hangouts hosted by various magazine editors from Mexico City and USA took place during the week of the event. Google+ technology played a big role during the event to link global urban art audiences via live streamed Hangouts.

ALL CITY CANVAS was back in 2013 with a new offer known as Global Series (ACCGS) by Hennessy Very Special, which consisted of a series of interventions made by the best artists in urban art history -both old and new-, on the best walls of the main cities around the globe. From April 16th to 19th, Futura (NYC, USA), one of the fathers of graffiti in the 70′s intervened an iconic wall located in Insurgentes Avenue and Madrid Street in the Tabacalera neighborhood. This wall became part of the circuit of the ALL CITY CANVAS 2012 Festival, which spans through downtown Mexico City.

From December 14 to 21 of 2013 , Augustine Kofie (California , USA), an iconic artist for his usage of geometry and contemporary constructive forms, painted a wall for ACCGS in collaboration with the We Care program from Herman Miller, an American company responsible on solutions designs based on the study and research. Herman Miller presence in Mexico has for over 20 years now. Inspired by the basic shapes of blocks and geometry, the work of Augustine Kofie characteristically represents a retro-futuristic aesthetic that combines color and abstract shapes. Kofie plays with shapes, lines, balance and depth in his murals, illustrations and compositions, thus creating dynamic perspectives.

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