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All City Canvas 2012

All City Canvas

All City Canvas (ACC) is a platform that gathers the best urban artists, designers and illustrators around the world to create high impact artistic collaborations. ACC was founded in 2012 with the production of an urban art festival, ranked internationally as one of last year’s best. 

Regardless of the city where it takes place, the discipline or the material involved, we always seek for our collaborations to be unique and create a massive impact to reach as many people as possible.

All City Canvas’ inspiration comes primarily from the Mexican muralism movement. ACC was founded in 2012 with the production of an urban art festival, ranked internationally as one of last year’s best.

The festival succeeded in uniting the efforts of the urban art movement around the world in the historical context of Mexico City for one week.

Escif is from Valencia, Spain and began painting in the streets with friends in 1997. His interest in art was born when he understood art as a way to explore and investigate. His work involves a mixture of techniques with a distinctive style, working from personal research to build a speech then transferring it to the street and capturing it with his work. Escif paints fantastic every day life characters, animals, objects and landscapes. He defines his street work as a contemporary mural movement inspired by graffiti comics, movies, but primarily by his daily experiences.

Mies “Mac” MacGregor, was born in LA in 1980. From a young age he has studied and created art for its own account he began painting graffiti as “Mac” in the 90s. He has been known for his realistic depictions of both ordinary and ethereal people, with a very unique style and flawless technique, inspired by the Mexican and Chicano culture of Phoenix and the American Southwest. On the other hand, he has been heavily influenced by classic artists such as Caravaggio and Vermeer. His style incorporates elements, themes and techniques of classic art in a modern context, with a special emphasis on the human face and figure. His work is the result of a life devoted to public art. His style has become iconic.

Herakut is a two-person team of German urban artists: Jasmin Siddiqui, or “Hera,” and Falk Lehman, “Akut,” Most of their work is commissioned; smaller Herakut works have also been exhibited more formally in galleries. They have also released two books: The Perfect Merge and After the Laughter, which are retrospectives covering 2004-2009 and 2009-2011, respectively.

Vhils lives and works between Lisbon and London. In his work, he uses different types of processes and tools such as etching with acid, chlorine and other wood from materials found on the street: old paper, used posters, panels, among others. He uses chisels and drills to sculpt his pieces, he goes from creation to destruction. Through a stencil technique that takes a comprehensive handling of light and shadow, Vhils creates portraits that transport to the city and its inhabitants to another dimension, creating interrupted and inconsistent textures that catch anyone's eye.

AEC (Aleksei Bordusov) and Waone (Wladimir Manzhos), both native from Ukraine, conform this duo. Their name means “interesting fables” and that is exactly what their work portrays. They explore themes of fantasy, dreams, magic and mysticism with strong influence on religious and scientific imagery. They use solid, bright and extremely attractive color scales.

Sego y Obval is a self-taught Mexican artist who lived in Oaxaca for a few years and began drawing animals he discovered there. From then on, he found nature, animals and vegetation to be his main sources of inspiration. His work is filled with organic forms that coexist with fantastic creatures that seem to inhabit their own world. Sego developed his iconic style using aerosol and a hatch pattern technique few use in the world.

Roa spent very little time in art school, learned to paint in the street practicing and working with a sign painter of his region.  Roa´s distinctive graphic style is obsessed with animals and he believes that they are much more important to this world than any other creature. He explores the relationship between the dead and the living and the decomposition of a body. He uses the contrast between black and white to represent the outside and red for the internal organs. Roa likes to work with the characteristic animals of each region depending on the country he is working in.

Saner is a graphic designer that began experimenting with graffiti while working at an advertising agency, until he decided to switch to visual arts. Thanks to this extensive training and having been exposed since childhood to the massive pop culture, Saner belongs to the generation of interdisciplinary artists that roam comfortably without prejudice between art, graffiti, graphic design, painting and drawing. He makes murals and illustrations with a topic that involves pre-Hispanic, Mexican folkloric elements and social criticism. Saner is a renowned artist for his unique style and unique traits of his characters.

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