Public Art: made with consent


“From donating their art to parks, plazas and abandoned lots to bringing color to social projects, street artists have a powerful social impact through their art.”

The city is full art projects such as this one, where local galleries supported street artists in regenerating a local playground

This piece was created in a patch of unused land which is used as a football pitch by the residents of Barrio Chino en La Boca, 

Mart, Jaz, Ever & Poeta worked together to regenerate this public space. Some of the most impressive pieces of art in the city are created without any institutional support. 

This piece was created during an art project in La Boca which regenerated a neglected passageway between the tourist attraction of Caminito and the football stadium of Boca Juniors. 

Many homeowners invite artists to paint the walls of their houses. Sometimes they pay for a specific concept, but often they are happy to let artists paint whatever they like. 

This piece is painted on the walls of Hospital Pirovano, which has an ongoing mural art project which revitalises the exterior of the building. 

The Borda is a psychiatric hospital in Barracas. The cultural centre of the Borda is frequented by many artists who work together with the patients in art and mural projects. 

This piece was created by an activist group on a property owned by a Jewish school. The mural denounces the lack of justice in relation to the bombing of a Jewish community centre. 

This piece was created for homeless charity "Un Techno Para Mi Pais". Within days of its completion it was covered over with political propaganda.

This piece was created by rundontwalk to support a recycling cooperative in Chacarita. 

The owners of this factory invited artists to paint its walls, as a way of reclaiming the outside of their building from the political propaganda teams who had claimed it as their own. 

Sometimes wall owners approach artists, but it's more common for artists to approach the owners. Even knocked on the door to this property, befriended he owners and has been painting here ever since.

A bus station in Chacarita has become an outdoor gallery, after an artists' mother convinced the manager of the bus depot to let her son and friends paint there. Impressed by the quality of the art, many nearby residents offered up their walls to artists who came to paint. 

The facade of this building was leased to a brand looking to advertise their product. Once their contract expired the owner invited artists to exhibit their mural art there. 

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