Green Villain Mural Program (2014)

Green Villain

$ ∆ 1º
Jersey City, New York City & Brooklyn

Physically, Jersey City is as close to Manhattan as Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, and it is closer than Staten Island. Metaphysically, it’s a different world, with New Yorkers looking down at “the bridge and tunnel crowd from Jersey” and the Jersey City folks bristling at this contempt. Graffiti writers and street artists don’t care about any of that. They just want accessible walls with surfaces in good condition and freedom from the police. Within their own community the artists have the usual conflicts – “beef” in the vernacular – but in the larger context they are uniters, not dividers, to paraphrase a former U.S. President. So it is in Jersey City and New York City, so it is in the world. The artists who have painted these walls are local and international, side by side.

Mustart (May 2014)
Enoe (May 2014)
Rime (May 2014)
Post (May 2014)
SP One (May 2014)
Mustart (May 2014)
Enoe, Rime, Post, SP One & Mustart (May 2014)
Kem5, Post & Enoe (August 2014)
Post (August 2014)
Li-Hill, Mes, Jerkface & Zimer (July 2014)
Mes (June 2014)
Li-Hill (June 2014)
Jerkface (June 2014)
Zimer (2014)
Jerkface (August 2014)
Jerkface (August 2014)
Mustart (August 2014)
Vexta (August 2014)
Vexta (August 2014)
Giz, Ghost, Nerr & Such (September 2014)
Jerkface (October 2014)
Jerkface (October 2014)
Jerkface (October 2014)
Rubin (November 2014)
Emilio Florentine (November 2014)
Virus (October 2014)
Mast (October 2014)
June, Virus 
Virus (October 2014)
June (October 2014)
Virus (October 2014)
Virus, Mast & June (October 2014)
"S.S. Dirt Worship" - Caroline Caldwell (November 2014)
Roachi (December 2014)
Deps One (December 2014)
Sape 4 (December 2014)
Mustart (October 2014)
Clarence Rich (November 2014)
Sebo, Sloe, Pixote, Diet, Chico, Stor, Seo, Sm & Por
Yok, Shyero, Buff Monster, Kevin Lyons, Roachi, Steiner, Elmo & Victor Ving
Yok, Sheryo, Steiner & Green Villain (December 2014)
Sheryo, Yok & Steiner (December 2014)
Elmo, Sheryo, Yok, Steiner & Victor Ving (December 2014)
Yok, Kevin Lyons, Roachi & Sheryo (December 2014)
Sheryo, Yok, Buff Monster, Roachi
Steiner, Victor Ving & Roachi
Credits: Story

Curator — Gregory D. Edgell, Green Villain
Curator — William L. Benzon, Green Villain
Photographer — Gregory D. Edgell, Green Villain
Photographer — William L. Benzon, Green Villain

Credits: All media
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