Green Villain Mural Program (2015)

Green Villain

$ ∆ 1º
Jersey City & New York / 2015

Over the course of 2015, Green Villain's mural program has continued to develop throughout the Hudson River Valley. With a roster featuring KEY DETAIL, KEVIN LYONS, CREEP CLOTH, ZUKIE, SERRINGE, DZEL, MESS, RIME, STEEL, CEAZE, JAKS, DMOTE, ACRO, DISTORT, KOMAR, NTEL, LOSER, QUIK, GIZ, GHOST, ASHES57, EEL CO, WANE, QUEEN ANDREA, JERKFACE, VICTOR VING, MUSTART, DUTCH, GOOMBA, BUFF MONSTER, FANAKAPAN, RUBIN, KLIVE, KAOS, RATH & MAST the focus is predominantly on local artists and some tinges of international flavor. 

Wane (July 2015)
Steel (July 2015)
Ceaze & Jaks (August 2015)
Shank (Dmote) (July 2015)
Rime (July 2015)
Distort, Mustart, Clarence Rich & Dzel (June 2015)
Buff Monster (August 2015)
Buff Monster (August 2015)
Kevin Lyons (October 2015)
Ashes57 (April 2015) 
Eel Co (April 2015)
Mustart (April 2015) 
Wane (March 2015)
Andrea (July 2015)
Rath (June 2015)
Mast (August 2015)
Jerkface (April 2015)
Victor Ving for Greetings Tour (March 2015)
Mast (November 2015)
Key Detail (October 2015)
Fanakapan (September 2015)
Ntel (November 2015)
Clarence Rich (March 2015)
Fanakapan (September 2015)
Dutch (August 2015)
Kive, Kaos & Rubin (July 2015)
Kaos (August 2015)
Klive (July 2015)
Rubin (July 2015)
Goomba (September 2015)
Mustart (March 2015)
Distort  (April 2015)
Ntel (April 2015)
Loser (April 2015)
Komar (April 2015)
Credits: Story

Curator — Gregory D. Edgell - Founder

Credits: All media
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