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El Carmen, Chincha - Peru

El Carmen, the place chose for the project.

The district of El Carmen is located in the province of Chincha , Ica department , and has approximately 11,600 inhabitants located about 800 km2. It is popularly known as the bastion of Afro Peruvian folklore in the province of Chincha, so it is perceived as a lively and bustling town.

On 15 August 2007 a ​​strong earthquake hit the department of Ica , leaving more than 86,900 homes totally destroyed and uninhabitable and more than 430,000 people affected . At the level of provinces, Chincha was the second most affected department of Ica.

INDECI indicates that almost 82 % of the population Chincha was injured by the earthquake, and that 78 % of homes were destroyed. 26 schools and 5 health care centres were completely destroyed. Latest data indicates that rural Chincha has suffered a 79% destruction . Specifically in El Carmen, about 2,900 houses were destroyed, while about 950 inhabitants were left highly affected and more than 7,180 were affected. (Zolezzi & Calderon, 2008).

The INDERRUMBABLE Project is a nonprofit initiative, started in 2011, created by a group of cultural promoters formed by Nathan Tavel & Kyle Nielsen two young artists from USA and MORBO Projects in Peru (plus a team of sociologists and psychologists) , which aim to use art to promote development and social welfare.

In this context INDERRUMBABLE is a project with the objective of improving the quality of life of the people of El Carmen through art. Initially, during the first stage, the project sought to generate an impact on people through what we call “positive propaganda”. 

The fundamental idea was to convey a positive mental attitude, by murals and signage painted on the walls of the place, business and emblematic walls. Combining the designs the essence and history of El Carmen, to influence them in their daily lives and generate a positive impact on their lives.

Jazzy Eanes, Nathan Tavel and Kyle Neilsen painting.
Jules Bay, director of MORBO painting.

The Inderrumbable Project emerged as an idea in 2011 at the Urban Art Festival “Living Walls” in Atlanta - USA, where the artists agreed on the initiative of using art to seek to improve the quality of life and promote development in the less favoured communities. 

Because of this in early 2012 the first intervention in the district of El Carmen was executed. Over 30 murals and facades highlighting the typical cultural traditions and beautifying the environment were painted. 

All activities were filmed by NAVSEA an audiovisual crew that follow the complete project and broadcast daily through social networks and the web page of the project, managing to capture the attention of the general public, all the content was publish and manage by Sergio Terry and Smartclick a social media agency that donate their time to help with this project.

Nathan Tavel and Kyle Neilsen decide to start the project in the main square of the town, this is the process of "La Tutuma de Susana" one of the most important places where you can buy "tutuma" a homemade liquor made as a tradition for the carnival.
Work in progress. The artists Nathan Tavel, Jazzy Eanes, Jules Bay and Kyle Neilsen painting the facade of "La Tutuma de Susana" in the main square of El Carmen.
The project has two pillars : The first one "Empowering the community through art based on a positive mental attitude" and the second "The implementation of signage in their self-managed businesses".
Implementation of signage in their self-managed businesses.

Reasons that led to the proposal of Project

In the town you can notice a low mood and depression in much of the population as well as boredom and hopelessness regarding the possibility of again come forward to seek progress of the community. 

Therefore, we believe that by implementing a comprehensive intervention centred in art help to create positive change in the population, where art functions as a symbolic link that allows reconstructing a renewed collective identity, improving living conditions socially and individual. 

Thus, art acts as a social change agent, beyond the artistic value of the object of the link , through the recovery and promotion of own cultural assets of El Carmen.

"La Tutuma de Mamá Deydamia" - BEFORE
"La Tutuma de Mamá Deydamia" - AFTER
El primer retrato en la plaza fue Amador Ballumbrosio, reconocido músico, violinista y zapateador Carmelitano.
El Señor Bigote - Sir Mustache 
El señor bigote recién abrió su nuevo bar en la plaza y fue muy divertido pintarle el nombre a este lugar de este hombre que tiene el corazón más grande que sus bigotes, nos dio de comer los dos últimos dias y nos atendió con mucho cariño.
El Atardecer De Bigote, es un Bar, al dueño le dicen "bigote", Él era amigo de Amador Ballumbrosio. Cesar Ballumbrosio, el menor de los hijos de Amador, nos cuenta que bigote siempre iba a la casa a alegrar los dias llevando Zapallos, y verduras de la chacra de regalo a su familia.
Mural La Huerta de Don Pedrito por Nathan Tavel.
El Bar que fue pintado en El Carmen, Chincha, Perú al sur de Lima. Un proyecto que se llevó a cabo 5 años después de el terremoto de 8.0 en 2007.
Mural en homenaje a la canción Zamba Landó.
Nathan y Kyle trabajando en el resanaje de la pared para el restaurante Zarandango en la plaza principal de El Carmen.
Nathan Tavel pintando la fachada del resturante turístico Zarandango en la plaza principal de el Distrito de El Carmen.
Créditos: Historia

Artists — Kyle Nielsen & Nathan Tavel 
Powered by — MORBO
Produced & Curated by — Jules Bay
Producer — Maxim Holland
Media — Smartclick
Invited Artist  — Joshua Eanes
Invited Artist  — Elliot Tupac 
Invited Artist  — Charquipunk
Film by  — NAVSEA
Cinematographer — Os Villavicencio
Cinematographer — Jonathan Magario
Cinematographer — Elard Robles
Cinematographer  — Carlos Benvenuto
Cinematographer  — Alexander Houghton
Cinematographer  — Celine Wald
Cinematographer  — Ximena Valdivia
Edition  — Gino Moreno
Photographer — Maria Alejandra Huicho
Financed By  — TLS and FAST
Supported by — TUPAC Cultural Association
Honoured by — Perú - Promperu

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