Jan 13, 2013 - Apr 14, 2013

ON | OFF : China's Young Artists in Concept and Practice

Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

Chinese artists born after 1975 have grown up, toggling between extremes, in a rising society and globalized culture. The title ON | OFF, which comes from the graphical interface of a common VPN software used to scale China’s Internet firewall, represents this binary condition at its simplest and most direct. Representing a striking diversity of practices and positions, this generation is the first to come of age in a post-Opening, post-Reform China, a group with instant access to information about artistic developments around the world and ample opportunities to travel abroad. Occupying all four exhibition spaces at the UCCA, ON | OFF is a large-scale group exhibition featuring the work of fifty young Chinese artists who together offer a collective portrait of this important generation. Co-curated by Bao Dong and Sun Dongdong. To be accompanied by two publications, a video documentary, and a series of public programs.

ON | OFF: Young Artists in China - Trailer
Xin Yunpeng, No Problem, 2013, PVC inflatable model, silica gel, pneumatic equipment, 500 x 500 cm
Wu Junyong, 7 o’clock, 2012, acrylic on wood, 270 x 260 x 120 cm
Tang Dixin, Reverse, 2012, Interactive performance installation, 2000 x 350 x 320cm 
Wen Ling, One Day in My Life, 2012, ink on paper, 109 x 79 cm x 20 pieces
Installation View, Photo: Dora Tang
Huang Ran, Maybe We Just Care About the Feeling of Caring, 2013, stainless steel, bubble machine, bubble soap, high-voltage generator, dimensions variable 
Liang Yuanwei, Pisces, 2011, oil on linen, 140 x 180cm
Li Shurui, Hei qiao Tower of Babel, 2012, wood, acrylic, marker, paint 412 x 244 x 136 cm
 Wang Guangle, 121101, 2012, Acrylic on canvas, 180 x 280cm 
Chen Zhou, Muhammad Ali, Superman, and the Secret of Banana, 2012, 4-channel video, oil paintings 
Chen Zhe, Bees, 2010-2012, Photographs, letters, journals, dimensions variable
Fang Lu, Lovers Are Artists II, 2012, Single-channel video, 11'50"
Hu Xiaoyuan, Axing Ice to Cross the Sea, 2012, 3-channel video, 09'40"
Jin Shan, A Brief History of Hooliganism, 2012, 4-channel video, 10'28"
Liu Xinyi, Rise of the 20th Century, 2011, Single-channel video, 02'06"
Ma Qiusha, Oh, Be Sweet, 2013, Polyethylene resin, animal furs, cutting machine, stainless steel, Dimensions variable
Shang Yixin, By the Sea, 2012, Iron, board, ETC lighting, plexiglass, Dimensions variable
Song Ta, Uglier and Uglier, 2012, Video, 425'00"
Shi Wanwan, An Istanbul Painter, 2010-2011, Text, sketches,18.2 x 25.7 cm x 55 pieces, 25.3 x 35.3 cm x 1 piece
Birdhead, Today, 2/3/4/5/6/72013, gelatin silver print, mahogany, python skin, chamois leather/gelatin silver print, mahogany, python skin, calf skin, velvet/gelatin silver print, mahogany, horsehide, velvet/gelatin silver print, mahogany, calf skin/gelatin silver print, mahogany, leather mounted with alligator skin, velvet/gelatin silver print, mahogany, leather mounted with pearl gourami skin, silk100 x 78 x 6 cm/47.5 x 60.5 x 7 cm/78 x 65 x 12 cm/65.5 x 80.5 x 7 cm/80 x 60 x 8.5 cm/50 x 63 x 6 cm
Chen Wei, Mossy Room, Coins in Fountain Basin, Coins in Fountain Basin, Half of the Statue, Coins #1, Coins #2
Chen Yufan and Chen Yujun, Mulan River | Home, 2012, wooden board, books, corrugated paper, polyester foam, plexiglass, cotton rope, 1000 x 890 x 52 cm
Ge Lei, Photography in China (1850s-1890s), 2012, Albumen-print carte de visite, elm showcase, acrylic, mirror carrier, 96 x 136 x 48 cm x 3 pieces
Urban-Rural Fringe Group(Gong Jian, Li Jinghu), Urban-Rural Fringe Group Prologue, 2012, Fabric strips, resin, iron nail, acrylic on wood, Dimensions variable
He Xiangyu, Tank Project, 2011-2013, Leather, 890 x 450 x 150 cm
Hu Xiangqian, Hu Xiangqian’s Solo Exhibition for the Xiangqian Museum of Art, 2012, HD video, 15'00
Jiang Pengyi, Everything Illuminates No.9/Everything Illuminates No. 10, 2012, Archival inkjet print, 251 x 180 cm
Lee Fuchun, B2B2C, 2010-2012, Mixed media, Dimensions variable
Li Liao,Consumption,2012,Performance, ready-made materials,Dimensions variable
Li Ming, Nothing Happened Today – No. 2, Nothing Happened Today – No. 3, Nature- 3, Snowball, Impediment Tide – Video 6
Li Ran, Born Again, 2012, Single- channel, 05'27"
Liu Chuang, Untitled (Midnight Flight), 2013, Aluminum, 750 x 285 x 280 cm
 Lu Yang, UterusMan OP/UterusMan Posters, 2013, animation, music by SQUARELOUD (IDMONN x TUNELEE)/digital print, dimensions variable, Original design and layout by the artist 
Qiu Xiaofei, Recurring, 2012, Oil on wooden board, mixed media, oil on canvas 
Song Yuanyuan, Las Vegas/Public Area, 2012, Oil on canvas, 340 x 250 cm/250 x 180 cm
Wang Sishun, Uncertain Capital, 2009, Coins
Wang Yuyang, The Narrative of a Stack of Paper, 2012, Installation, 15,136,728 images from a 10,511'37" documentary. mulberry paper, metal plate, steel pipe, magnet, 484 x 1078 x 5 cm
Xu Qu, It’s Not a Matter of Time, 2012 - 2013, Black marble pedestal, coffee cup, plaster sculpture, stainless steel installation, bucket of purified water, fire axe, knife, 2 staff workers, Dimensions variable 
Yan Xing, Arty, Super-Arty, 2013, Single-channel HD videos, 09'16"
Yang Jian, Sooner or Later, Lightning Will Strike Us All, 2011-2012, Video installation, Single-channel, HD video8’46″
Yang Xinguang, Hello, 2012, Branches, styrofoam, 180 x 30 x 30 cm, 175 x 30 x 30 cm
Zhang Ding, Control Club, 2013, High density board, metal support, speaker, bronze bell, power amplifier, sound console, frequency divider, telephone, wires, 500 cm x 500 cm x 490 cm, 50 cm x 52 cm x 120 cm, 50 cm x 125.5 cm x 100 cm
Zhang Liaoyuan, Light Changed by Image, 2012, Installation, Dimensions variable
Zhao Yao, Expectations of Form, 2013, Performance, installation, Dimensions variable
Zhao Zhao, Repetition, 2012, White marble, limestone,150 x 150 cm
Zhou Tao, Collector, 2012, Video installation, Single-channel, HD video 18’37″
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