2013 - 2014

WOOL curating FUSING

WOOL | Covilhã Urban Art Festival

Fusing Culture Experience, Figueira da Foz

The year 2013 was one of the busiest and most productive years of WOOL with the expansion to new geographies, seeking to answer the growing and challenging requests made by companies, cultural associations, municipal or private entities.

The month of August marked the date WOOL debuted at Figueira da Foz, curating and producing all Urban Art actions integrated in the Fusing Culture Experience festival. This is a unique event in Portugal that bring together in a single space, extensive to the entire city, Music, Art, Sports and Food. 

The first edition of the festival in 2013, also marks the debut of Street Art activities in this city, which, in general and from past experience, means long months of preparation, conversations and negotiations with all government and private entities, in order to demystify many of the preconceptions around these artistic expressions, reaffirming and reinforcing the idea that this Art, when well designed and built, is a huge capital gain for the city, at numerous levels, which I will later present.


From all the activities at Figueira da Foz city center we point out 5 (five) murals and a stencil workshop, a reflexion of our constant concern in the promotion, understanding and production of this Art. 

Among all the actions, I must highlight the murals made by the artists ADD FUEL and MÁRIO BELÉM because of their themes always approached in their work: “portugality” and “local tradition”, fundamental in the search for empathy and identification with the local community and thus its safeguard.

Other actions: Murals by Eime, Samina and Kruella d'Enfer and a car customization by Akacorleone.


In 2014, WOOL was once again invited to go to Figueira da Foz and curate all actions around Urban Art at the Fusing Culture Experience. 

Again, we manage to take there some of the most recognized artists in Portugal, that worked for 10 days, in murals, installation, customizations, ... transforming all city and festival benue. 

murals: Pantónio, Aitch (RO), Saddo (RO) and Colectivo RUA

installation: Robert Panda 

doors: Tamara Alves

customization: Gemeniano Cruz and Capitão Neto

Credits: Story

Background photo — by Robert Panda
Credits photos — Miguel Oliveira | WOOL

Credits: All media
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