Loved Ones. Paris 2012.


“Linking the community with its urban environment”

The project is based on the active participation of community members , who elect their Loved Ones: anonymous strangers, friends ... Special people for all, citizens, neighbors. These ones are photographed ,  to create a dossier with his personal history and argued reasons for designation . Finally , portraits , large-scale works in the walls of the city, performed by artists of international caliber are created.

For the year 2012, was renamed Loved Ones Bouilles Les Halles , in tribute to this popular historic district of Paris .

Atma chooses to paint Michel's portrait, after learning the moving story of his life. The painting will remain during long months on the facade of the Holy Church of Saint-Eustache, at the corner of rue Rambuteau et Rue du Jour.

Macs painted the portrait of Jack Kuzma on the walls of the Samaritaen, L´Arbre sec, in Paris.

Mrs Chaleyat, 95 years old in 2012 is the dean of this edition of the Loved Ones project. The artist Atma paints a moving portrait of this great lady. The painting will be visible during 4 months on the main facade of the city hall of the 1st district of Paris, facing the Louvre.

Macs paints one of the most popular character of the 1st district: Mouloud a.k.a Momo the Grocer

Jojot´s portrait painted by Axel Void was exposed at le beffroi de la Mairie du 1er arrendissemnt, 1 place du Louvre.

Majid Hejaj was elected as one of the Loved Ones  of the 1er arrendissement, and the Spanish artist El Niño de las Pinturas painted his portrait on the walls of the Samaritaine, rue de l'Arbre Sec.

El Niño de las Pinturas painted for the Beloved Ones project the portrait of Julian, baker recognized in the first arrendissement Paris.

Credits: All media
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