Jul 20, 2013 - Sep 29, 2013

Very Fun Park 2013

Fubon Art Foundation

Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei's East District

When you walk underneath Chang-Hwan Kim’s hollow sculptures suspended in the air, it is as if you have entered the underwater tunnel in an aquarium. Kim is able to create the illusion that his works are weightless by manipulating stainless steel and creating movement within the frames.

Korean artist Dong-Shik Roe grew up in his family’s cotton ginning factory, so cotton is naturally a connection to his carefree childhood. It is also the medium with which he hand kneads fluffy clouds. These clouds represent the memories that are fragile but remain unforgotten in our consciousness, unlike the many things that slip past our attention and are gradually forgotten.

Choi uses bright and colorful plastic pieces or inflatable objects to create large sculptures, and is inspired by flea markets and street vendors around the world as he travels. Ready-made and inexpensive materials often lead us to think of the consumer culture or globalization, but in the end, Choi is mainly concerned about pure visual aesthetics.The lotus has long been an important symbol in Asian culture.

In the piece he made specifically for the Very Fun Park, Kim uses colorful balloons to transform a shapeless “force” into something tangible. The balloons are attached to a chair that is missing a few legs, thus balancing it out and giving this “force” a graceful and poetic visualization.

Using lacquer as her medium, Chen creates specimen-like sculptures that show her intimate link to these animals; she presents them at their best to make up for a sense of loss.

Want to enjoy a cup of coffee on a summer afternoon at agnès b. café L.P.G.? Watch out for a giant octopus—Filthy Luker’s work is making some threatening gestures! But in reality, it is only waving at the people passing by, inviting them for an adventure in the city. agnès b. café L.P.G.. (short for “le pain grillé”) was named by the designer herself. The alluring smell of a French lifestyle invites people to come in and take a break. Try some coffee, chocolate, or cake, and breathe in the sweet aroma floating through the air.

It is easy to miss Takahiro Iwasaki’s artwork, not only because they are miniscule mountains or houses, but also because the fascinating landscapes are actually made up of regular household fabrics such as towels, toothbrushes, and t-shirts.

For this year’s Very Fun Park exhibition, Budden carefully studied the colors and patterns of i prefer’s seasonal line, and integrated them into his work. The artist sees both paper cutting and clothing as a “second skin,” allowing us to cover up just enough while showing the world what we want it to see.

Chieh-Hsin Tsai uses paper mache( a warm, textured and environmentally friendly medium) to create her work, communicating the emotional exchange between human beings.

Artist Yi-Ju Hsieh, whose work has a upbeat, childlike quality, works with papabubble’s candy makers to create a vibrant candy sculpture complete with blossoming sugar flowers. The piece plays with various shapes and colors, resulting in an imaginative and dreamlike summer garden.

Fubon Art Foundation
Credits: Story

CEO:Maggie Tsai
Director:Vivian Hsiung
Administration:Wen-Ching Shin, Cherry Wang, Ruby Tai, Chia-Ni Ho, Robert Chien
Exhibition:Wei-Lun Chen, Yi-Jung Tsai, Nicole Wu, Chia-Yun Chu
Promotion:Jada Chan, Chyi-Ju Chiu, Hua-Chen Chen, Alysha Cheng, Wei-Ching Huang
Forum:Yu-Chin Wu, Mong-Tzu Hsu, Han-Yi Huang, Boogie Chou
Photography:Ssu-Hsien Chiang, Li-Ling Pai, Jia-Rong Chou, Yao Liu
Documentary Production:Wan-Jen Chen, Guan-Ming Lin, Cheng-Wei Lin, Yi-Chun Lin, Jia-Rong Chou
Book Design:Gina Lee

Jeong-Hwa CHOI, Alice Wang, I-Chen Kuo, Agi Chen, Filthy Liuker, Kuo-Chang Liu, Dong-Shik Roe, I-Ting Hou, Wei-Yu Lai, Takahiro Iwasaki, Ena Nagao, Ming-Chin Tung, Fu-Jing Yang, Li-Feng Lo, Yu-Erh Chen, Shu-Yi & Dancers × Chang-Chih Chen, Chieh-Hsin Tsai, Fa-Cheng Huang, Joyce Tsai-You Ho, Yu-Wen Chiu, Yen-Hua Lee, Tim BUDDEN, Inca Pan, Whooli Chen, and Liang Gen, Yi-Ju Hsieh × papabubble, Twine, Chang-Hwan Kim, Iyo Kacaw, Yu-Chih Hsiao, Yu-Jun Wang, MyeongBeom Kim, Xiu-Zhen Yin

Credits: All media
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