Some of the most used colors in contemporary art

Undefined, abstract, boundless: white is one of the most used colors in the art of the Twientieth Century. It is often considered as a "non-color", almost a symbol of a world where all the other colors are gone. For this reason - says Kandinsky - the white strikes us as a great silence that seems absolute.
In Romanticism, this color used to characterize poetry, dreams, melancholy and the thirst for absolute. According to Kandinsky, blue is the color of depth and spiritual characters, it symbolizes the wait, the magic, and the mystery.
Our society associates yellow with the signal of danger, for its brightness and immediate recognition, so that school buses, taxis and traffic lights are yellow. According to Kandinsky, this color has a vital madness, a blind irrationality, and the author compares it to the sound of a horn, a fanfare.
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