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Photography is not what it used to be, and it will not be what it is now 
Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos is located at the north of chaotic Mexico City, in a very crowded place: thousands of people crossing the city day after day, street stalls, popular food, factories, mega avenues and shopping plazas. The boundaries between the city and the State of Mexico are blurred, an urbanized area in which the city and the industrial city intersect.

The contemporary image becomes experimental in many ways: education, research, curatorship and production. Our museum is a laboratory to experiment with the image. Here we do not keep the past: we are a site of innovation and experimentation.

The program covers photography, video, animation, cinema, multimedia, music and other disciplines related to the image and its contemporary production.

Contemplate passively? -No.

Here we look for people to come and be an active participant, who have experiences, who propose, who show themselves, who takes the space as theirs.

Here in FM4C the image triggers experiences to create community. The experimentation of the image and its possibilities are the excuse for people to participate and interact with the space.

To live the image is to give the opportunity to organize events that allow to photograph more and to share more.

A living museum

These are the rooms of a living museum: where everything happens, like in the street and social networks, not a mausoleum to the great culture. A place to make youthful, urban culture. Where we all fit.

In POSE there were mirrors, giant magazine covers and a wall for selfies: the poses of the visitors arose naturally and were shared on Instagram using the hashtag #fotomodapose4c.

In the programming, several events invited to live the experience of the most innovative and propositive Mexican fashion photo. Appropriation and use of the museum, runways and shootings were stages for participation.

Cult of the image

Action, not just contemplation. Technology and creativity, the cult of the image not the object and understanding the vitality of the ephemeral image: these are the basis to build the exhibitions of the FM4C and of the experiences that happen around.

Credits: Story

Pedro Meyer

Guadalupe Lara

Gustavo Prado
Melissa Valenzuela

Comunicación educativa:
Samantha Urdapilleta

Raúl Flores

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