Korean Endemic Plants & Fish

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Korean Endemic Fish
In the river, fish inhabiting only in Korea such as Phynchocypris Kumgangensis, Coreoleuciscus splendidus, Korean spotted barbel, Korean oily shiner, Iksookimia koreensis, Oily bitterling can be seen.

Oily bitterling (Acheilognathus koreensis)

This fish has a larger body depth than slender bitterling, and a fin with dark brown edging.
During the spawning period, the matured male has a developed nuptial organ on a head.

Korean spotted barbel (Hemibarbus mylodon)

This fish lives in the fresh cold water with many pebbles on the bed.
He has a peculiarity of building a tower of pebbles and sand to protect its eggs.

Korean spine loach (Iksookimia koreensis)

This fish has a regular inverted-triangle pattern on the side of body.

Korean oily shinner (Sarcocheilichthys nigripinnis morii)

This fish has fine patterns dot irregularly on the body, and are very sensitive to environmental changes.

Korean shinner (Coreoleuciscus splendidus)

This fish lives in the babbling ford of fresh water with many pebbles on the river bed.
He has the caudal fin with a black arrow-shaped pattern.

Kumkang fatminnow (Rhynchocypris Kumgangensis)

This fish lives in Namhangang River, Bukhangang River, and the upsteam of Kumgang River.
His name of 'Kumgangensis' is originated from the valley of Kumgangsan Mountain where he first found.

Korean Endemic Plants
These plants have been adapting to Korean endemic environment. They are only found in Korean Peninsula, but some species among them have been decreased. We should try to preserve our precious plants.  

White Forsythia
(Abeliophyllum distichum)

Classification: Oleaceae
Collecting date : June

This deciduous shrub is native to a small area of Korea. It is seriously endangered in the wild, so we should try to protect this plant.

Echinosophora koreensis

Classification: Leguminosae
Collecting date : May

The habitat of this plant is so limited, it lives in a northern part of South Korea. It has a erected trunk around 1m tall, and a pinnate compound leaf.

Erect Sword Fern
(Ophioglossum vulgatum)

Classification: Ophioglossaceae
Collecting date : June

This plant grow wild in Jeju. It comes into a heart-shaped leaf annually, and the netted venation on the spore seems like a small bump.

Eranthis byunsanensis

Classification: Ranunculaceae
Collecting date : March

This endemic and rare plant is a perennial plant. It lives in Byunsanbando etc., and has a white or pink flower on the top of the stem.

Hanabusaya asiatica

Classification: Campanulaceae
Collecting date : July

This is a perennial herb bearing bell-shaped, white or violet colored flower. It lives in east-central Korean prninsula.

Megaleranthis saniculifolia

Classification: Ranunculaceae
Collecting date : May

This is an endemic and monotypic endangered plant species, lives around a humid valley. It has saw-toothed leaves and white flowers from April to May. Some buds and leaves sprout in a same root.

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