Chiojdu Blazon House

Union of Architects in Romania

Buzau County, Romania

In 2009, UAR became the owner of a listed monument for which, since 2005, the entire rescuing and restoration process was developed - the Chiojdu-Buzau house with a land of about 0.5 ha. 

The property was purchased with 35,000 Euros. For the administration of the building and for the whole endeavor related to the urgent conservation, access to funds, design, etc., the former owner, Florin Dragulin, was hired by UAR.

Arch Calin Hoinarescu put together the file for the change of the B to A listing monument, in order to facilitate the obtaining of the European funds needed for consolidation and restoration of the house. Consultants were asked to draw up fundraising files.

The building dates back to 1823.

The House in its most deplorable state, before the restoration project begun

The cellar is made of massive stone on which the ground floor is built of a load-bearing wall system, all resistance frames are made of solid oak wood combined with stone and brick. It is a system so strong that for several decades it rained in it, the roof fell, but the walls remained, Florin Dragulin, former owner says (

On April 27, 2012, the Union of Architects in Romania (UAR), as a beneficiary, signed with the Managing Authority - the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism - the financing contract for the implementation of the project entitled Consolidation, restoration and functional remodeling of the Blazonry House, Chiojdu Commune, Buzau County.

Arch. Calin Hoinarescu`s office, author of the previous research and documentation for the house and a MCC expert, took all the necessary measures to obtain a permit to start the urgent conservation project (to be completed by winter).

In 2014, the building restoration was concluded and the furnishing was innitiated. Also, the construction of the information center was started and the realization of the external arrangement. A collection of objects and testimonies of local civilization was also innitiated.

The house looks like an Oltenian chateau, but it has a unique architecture. It is a massive house, probably conceived as a defense, which is why it is assumed that it has housed a garrison for a period of time, former owner says (

Original piece restored 
The project is seen as a regional development priority, highlighting the tourist potential of the region. The project will develop a wide range of goods and services subsequently acquired by tourists and travel companies, including goods and services produced by other economic fields(trade, construction, transport, food, small and craft industries).

Blazon representing the bicephalic eagle, a symbol of the basilicas, the last of the Cantacuzins in Romania, on the wall at the main entrance of the Blazonry House, in Chiojdu commune, Buzau County.

The Cultural Center was inaugurated in June, 2016. Once the restoration process was completed, the House was open for visitors

The Night of the Museums 2016 - 220 visitors

Arch. Calin Hoinarescu handed on behalf of UAR the diplomas for those who supported the activity of the Blazonry House - mayor Andrei-Sergiu Fătu, the locals who donated pieces of furniture for the permanent exhibition, the team that made the thematic fresco from the building of the information point.

Museums Night 2016 - Photo exhibition
Museums Night 2016 - the Lime School, concerts of folklore ensembles in the area, as well as a photo exhibition

"Chiojdu's Blazonry House complex will host the UAR Rural Architectural Culture Center. The programs and activities of the center will be oriented towards the research, revitalization and promotion of the culture of Mostenstein - traditions and handicrafts characteristic of the area, architecture and rural patrimony, the training of young people in crafts/crafts of restoration/maintenance of architecture and rural patrimony".

Arch Calin Hoinarescu
Architecture Magazine, no. 2/2016

"SoNoRo Conac started from the idea of giving back the original, intimate, space-based cultural dialogue and active listening between the chamber music and a restricted audience. This project aims to raise public awareness of the many rehabilitated patrimony buildings - fabulous, spectacular, elegant buildings that must be reintroduced into the cultural circuit", organizers said.

Blazonry House
"If it had not been taken over by the Union of Architects in Romania, this monument of traditional Romanian architecture would have disappeared", Florin Dragulin, former owner and current custodian says.

Take a virtual walk in Chiojdu!

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The Union of Architects in Romania developed in 2009 in collaboration with S.C. Restitutio S.R.L.- S.C. Duopart Consulting S.R.L the Consolidation, restoration and functional remodeling project for the Blazonry House located in Chiojdu Commune, Buzău County. The project was financed from the Regional Operational Program 2007 - 2013, Priority Axis 5 - Sustainable Development and Promotion of Tourism; Field of intervention 5.1 - Restoration and sustainable valorisation of cultural heritage and creation/modernization of related infrastructure. The project has a total value of 6,319,249.28 lei, with a requiered amount of non-refundable funds of 4,981,617.34 lei.

In June 2015, the Reception Commission and the South East RDA representatives completed the reception of the Blazonry House consolidation project and the additional information center. Subsequently, the necessary permits were obtained, and Blazonry House is now open to the public both for visiting and for social-cultural activities.

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