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Museum of Fine Arts in Peredelkino

Amaya, the wife of a samurai Yakudza, had mastered the art of the sword. She was, however, inferior to Yakudza. Once she argued with her husband about why he did not bare his sword to fight for justice. Yakudza said that the sword could only save a life or deprive of it; however, the sword is not capable of executing justice. Amaya did not understand Yakudza and in a fury drew her sword to fight with him. Yakuzda also drew his sword. In the middle of fight, when Amaya delivered an offensive punch and Yakudza was prepared to reflect it, Yakudza suddenly dropped his sword at the moment when Amaya was no longer capable of stopping in time, and her sword pierced Yakudza in the abdomen. Amaya frozen in fear and pain asked Yakudza why he dropped his sword instead of reflecting her simple hit. Yakudza said "because my sword is powerless to explain the justice and reveal the heart". Yakudza uttered these words, and fell dead.

My painting "The Japanese Woman" is about Amaya's reflections about the meaning of life after Yakudza's death.

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Museum of Fine Arts In Peredelkino

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