Landscapes from the collection of the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Landscapes are among the best Mazalić’s (1888 - 1975) works. From the first works that pulsate in springtime ease and freshness, to the most famous ones that represent mainly late summer and fall.

Even though a great connoisseur of icons, especially local masters and schools insisting on the preservation of tradition, Mazalić decided to make his own interpretation and understanding of Biblical motifs in his paintings.

As old buildings are abandoned and become dilapidated beyond repair, returning to the nature from which they arrived, old poplar trees rule majestically over the landscapes. Man is as small towards nature as it should be in real life. Consequently, harmony and natural equilibrium, so many times disturbed in reality, rule in Mazalić’s landscapes.

Mazalić's landscapes are the most faithful representation of Bosnia - sumptuous and modest at the same time.

"Thanks to my work in nature, I felt a great influence of colors, shape of objects, soil and weather on creation of an artistic attitude when reflecting my inner moods on canvas. An art historian could read from such paintings, as some sort of physician, the inner life of the artist - only by looking at colors or, possibly, brush strokes, regardless of the given object (be it realism or abstraction)."

Đoko Mazalić

After World War II
Landscapes painted after the World War II bring a completely different artistic expression. One can again observe restless hand and intense color on them, even when it is about quiet parts around the Sava River. As he was turning inward, Mazalić completely retreated in painting that was encroaching into abstraction, not abstraction of form, but rather abstraction of spirit.
Đoko Mazalić from the collection of the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Đoko Mazalić, 1888 - 1975
Author: Ivana Udovičić
Photographs: Archive of the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Text: Exhibition catalogue "Đoko Mazalić, 1888 - 1975", SPKD "Prosvjeta", Sarajevo, 2017.


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