These are necklaces of Dong people

This is a Dong people's silver necklace in the shape of a Phoenix

This silver necklace is composed of flat, unengraved siver rings, which was collected from the Li people in Hainan

There are three pairs of embossed silver plates and silver bells trimmed that hang from the bottom.

This is a Tibetan Buddhist talisman decorated with clouds, dragons and the Eight Auspicious Symbols. Inside the talisman people usually put small Buhdda statues, scripts, hair of an incarnate Lama. These contents are partially visible throught the small window.

With buckles on both sides, people can wear it around their neck. Tibetans consider talismans like this one to possess protective qualities, they are carried for protection and good luck, but they are also beautiful pieces of jewelry.

This is an ornate Buddhist locket. The surface is a carved, gilded plate, inlayed with a red coral centerpiece and 6 turquoise beads. There is a tube on the top for strings,so that people can wear it on a necklace.

This is a Tibetan necklace. It has eighteen beads made of red coral.

This is a complex silver necklace worn by Dong women. It is composed of nine silver bands of increasing size.

This is a handmade silver necklace through processes of casting and beating characteristic of Miao metalworking.

Museum of Ethnic Cultures, Minzu University of China
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