Claudio Ethos

Do Art Foundation

Born in São Paulo Claudio Ethos currently lives in Birigüi, in São Paulo state. Ethos came to Los Angeles to create this incredible landmark mural  in 2012 with LA Art Machine and Do Art Foundation in collaboration with Gilmore Properties. 

Main & 5th St. Mural
LA Art Machine and Do Art Foundation collaborated alongside Tom Gilmore properties to invite Brazilian artist, Claudio Ethos to create this landmark mural on 5th and Main Street in Los Angeles.

Ethos began working with spray paint as well as ballpoint pen at around the age of 15 and still uses these mediums today. Influences include Brazillians Os Gemeos, Vitche, Onesto, andHerbert Baglione. His stunning large scale murals usually originate from his small ballpoint pen drawings and the intricate detail of his work has gained him recognition from his peers, art enthusiasts, and galleries around the world.

His work on Main and Winston in downtown Los Angeles is of a Jester with birds breaking off of his arm while the other holds balloons.“Ethos’ characters have undeniably become some of the most recognized all throughout Brazil with his ephemeral work at times straddling the line of the figurative and abstract.

His elongated, flexible, and strained figures have an almost liquid quality to them; one foot firmly in the school of the surrealists. He also displays a solid grasp of textiles in the use of patterns. Huge black balls serve as eyes for the exhausted and maligned residents of the concrete jungle. These characters are a mixture of dreams and fragments of everyday life within the city.”

Credits: Story

Special thanks to Bryson Strauss of the LA Art Machine, not only for this piece, but for his endless and tireless work in the art movement of Los Angeles. His support of key mural artists launched many careers and he has created significant projects and visions which directly shaped and influenced some of the best work to date. Thank you also to Tom Gilmore of Gilmore Properties for sustaining and enabling this masterful work which is a significant mural recognized by all residence as a permanent part of downtown Los Angeles. Gilmore Properties was one of the first locations to support a contemporary mural of this size and scope in Los Angeles.

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