Jean Duplessis-Bertaux

1747 - Sep 29, 1818

Jean Duplessis-Bertaux was a French painter, draughtsman and producer of etchings and burin engravings. He signed himself Duplessi-Bertaux., Jean Duplessi-Bertaux, Duplessis-Bertaux or JD Bertaux. Some of his prints are attributed to Duplessis Berthault - however, this probably refers to Duplessis and his engraver Berthault. Prints at that time always bore the names of both the draughtsman and the engraver but in these cases two names were probably mistranscribed as one by a past cataloguer.
He produced prints of Scènes de la Révolution, the Cris de Paris and the Campagnes de Napoléon. He also collaborated on some prints with Jean-Louis Delignon, who sometimes completed unfinished work by Duplessis-Bertraux, and also produced a number of pornographic prints.
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