Galeri Batik YBI

Galeri Batik YBI

Batik, which contains an artistic element, a handicraft worked by women since the beginning of time using simple tools, such as the canting tulis or waxing pen, and natural dyes deriving from plant life. In the form of a fast-growing industrial activity, batik has subsequently, and in a massive way, produced through use of canting cap or wax stamp. The influence of the developed world on batik appears in its coloring, while the high artistic of the orient is evident in the skilled handiwork that emphasizes the finest of the artwork.

The challenge now is how to preserve and increase the value added to Indonesian batik, which constitutes a national asset with potential.

1. To take active participation in encouraging national unity to preserve, protect, develop, and socialize Indonesian Batik as a national cultural heritage resulting form art work of high value that is varied and spread throughout the homeland, until it becomes a visible national assets.
2. To promote batik and the batik craft as an economic activity with high added value so that they will be capable of supporting equity in and the elevation of earning, particularly for the crafters and entrepreneurs of small and traditional batik business.

1. Social Mission
2. Cultural Mission
3. Economic Mission

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