Sanskriti Museums

Sanskriti Museums
New Delhi, India

Sanskriti Pratishthan, a registered Public Charitable Trust, was founded in 1978. The activities are guided by a Board of Trustees. Sanskriti literally means ‘process of cultivating’. The Pratishthan has been continuously working towards creating an environment for the preservation and development of artistic and cultural resources in India. Since Sanskriti sees culture as an intrinsic part of everyday life, the Pratishthan views its role as that of a catalyst in revitalizing the artistic and aesthetic sensitivities of the Indian people. As such Sanskriti Pratishthan is dedicated to development of key elements of India’s cultural heritage that are disappearing day by day and presenting them to diverse local and international audiences. To attain these goals, the Pratishthan has established an international artist residency programme, set up workshops for training in ceramics, enamelling and block-printing. Moreover, the Pratishthan has created on its campus the below mentioned three museums:
•The Museum of Everyday Art
•The Museum of Indian Terracotta Art
•The Museum of Indian Textile Traditions

All three museums have one common objective namely collecting, preserving and documenting those objects of Indian arts and crafts which have been a part of everyday life and which were marked by a unique feature of cultural rootedness and an appropriate form and design. The collections of these museums constitute the raw material for reconstructing the history of Indian design in Indian life. Here tradition and contemporaneity are not seen as two separate categories, but as a continuum, one mutating into the other.

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Sanskriti Kendra, Aya Nagar, DelhiAnandagram
Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd
Anand Gram, Aya Nagar
New Delhi, Delhi 110047
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