Introducing South Africa's Oribi Gorge

Uncover 5 new things about this magical canyon

Oribi GorgeSouth African Tourism

1. The Oribi Gorge is 400 metres deep

The steep decline of the gorge is enhanced by the sheer cliffs which travese its edges.

Oribi GorgeSouth African Tourism

2. The reserve was named after the Oribi Antelope

While these timid antelopes used to roam the area, they are now classified as vulnerable and in need of protection. Sighting one is possible but rare.

Two people walking across a bridge over Oribi GorgeSouth African Tourism

3. The suspension bridge across the gorge is 130 metres high

The bridge provides a number of opportunities to take in the striking scenery surrounding it but at 130 meters above ground, it is not for the faint of heart.

Oribi GorgeSouth African Tourism

4. Erosion over millions of years has caused dramatic Sandstone galleries to form in the forge

The Needle, Baboon’s Castle, Oribi Heads, The Pulpit and Hanging Rock are just some of these remarkable viewpoints.

Oribi GorgeSouth African Tourism

5. Part of the gorge is over millions of years old

The base of the gorge's cliffs are part of the Kaapvaal Craton, which is over 1000-million-years-old.

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