Why Brass Tableware is used in Festivities

Brass, copper and bell metal have an immense amount of importance for one's health and are also considered auspicious for a lot of Indian festivals and celebrations.

Table spread with brass & copperPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

A blend of tradition and cultures

Every Indian festival celebrates the coming together of people to embrace their cultures and traditions. Brass, a traditional metal, has been used since time immemorial in various auspicious occasions for serving sweets, fruits and offerings to the deities. 

brass tablewarePunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Authentic preparation of food

Food is considered as one of the key components in every festival and there are often special items prepared for every occasion. Brass and copper are considered to add benefits and reap good luck, hence these cookware and tableware items complement every Indian celebration. 

Brass snackstand on dressing tablePunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Addition to decor and beauty of the home

With festivals around the corner, all the Indian homes start preparing for it and the decorations always remain an essential part. Alongwith serving the utility in festivals, brass and copper products also lighten up the mood and outlook of the home spaces!

Legacy of the Artisan [Manohar Lal ji]Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Traditional touch by the Thatheras

Choosing to buy sustainable traditional tableware products mean empowering the Thatheras of Jandiala Guru, Punjab and reviving their craft which was on the verge of extinction once. Every tableware item handcrafted by them carries a piece of their rich heritage and culture!

Brass PlatePunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)


The festival celebrates the bond of a brother and sister where the sister ties a band on the hand of her brother, and the brother swears to protect her throughout his life and gives her a gift. This picture depicts utility of a brass product in a festival like this.

copper diyasPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Diwali: Festival of Lights

Diwali marks the triumph of good over evil and is considered as the most auspicious festival in India. Brass and copper utensils such as lamps, thaalis, kalash are often used in many ways in Diwali because of their pure content and composition.

Festival | RakshabandhanPunjabi Thathera Art Legacy (P-TAL)

Festivities with Brass and Copper

Festivals in India celebrate the blossoming of bonds between families and are occasions to meet, play, laugh and gift. Traditional handcrafted utensils of brass and copper add to the celebrations with their utility, auspicious qualities, beautiful outlook and social impact! 

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