The Italian Way to Energy

From Agip to Eni - Milestones

Eni Historical Archive - Laying pipeline (1949)Museimpresa

A Nation to rebuilt

At the end of the World War II the new Italian Government decides that Agip, the State energy company, should be dismantled and sold due to its poor performance

Eni Historical Archive - Inauguration Agip station in Turin (1953) by PublifotoMuseimpresa

Mattei's vision

The new Commissioner Enrico Mattei, however, has other intentions: he studies, invests, insists. He bets on methane pipelines and increases the exploration in the Po Valley

Eni Historical Archive - Visiting Agip fields (1950-04-20) by Publifoto MilanoMuseimpresa

Po Valley, the 'Open Safe'

In Caviaga and Cortemaggiore two large deposits are discovered: Italy has its own energy. The National Hydrocarbons Agency (Eni) was born in 1953 and Enrico Mattei was its first president

Eni Historical Archive - The Six-legged dog contest (1952, September) by Publifoto MilanoMuseimpresa

The Six-Legged Dog

A national competition selected in 1952 the images for Eni, Agipgas and their respective products. The famous Six-legged Dog wins as the logo for petrol, but it immediately also becomes the company image

Eni Historical Archive - Ceremony for Agip Alderamine (1954-06-20)Museimpresa

Search again

Italian energy needs are growing like never before. Eni starts looking for partners in abroad countries and entering into competition with the major oil companies

Eni Historical Archive - Visiting Agip oil fields (1960)Museimpresa

Mattei's Formula

Mattei's new type of agreement, which stays in history with his name, involves the producing country equally in the management of the local energy company, showing an 'Italian way to energy' made up of people and peoples

Eni Historical Archive - Visiting Ferrandina (1959-07-13)Museimpresa

Grow up together

From 1953 to 1962 the Italian economic, technological and social development  was so impetuous that it gave its name to a historical period, the 'Italian Economic Miracle'

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