Marion Lynch Introduces Art for Heart

This imaginative & new way of sharing stories creates a different type of understanding, a collective belonging as a form of self-care.

"When we have an idea to share, we use words. When we have feelings that we want to share, we use art."

So Amazing (2001/2002) by Sonia BoycePaintings in Hospitals

Marion Lynch introduces So Amazing

Marion Introduces 'So Amazing' by Sonia Boyce

This is an acrylic piece, around A4 in size, by Sonia Boyce. A picture that has vibrant colour. What this piece shows me is how lettering and contours can come together to trigger thoughts and feelings.

The Colours of So Amazing

The Colours of the Artwork

The word 'amazing' is in faded, almost artificial colour. The base has a more natural colouring - earthy, nature-bound blues and greens. The word 'amazing' could almost be sitting on top of a tree or island. 

We Get Called Amazing as Health Workers

We get called 'Amazing' as Health Workers

For the work that we do as health care workers, we often receive accolades and applause, get called 'amazing' - and yet that sits on the reality of what we're doing every day. We need more than the word that is piped on top.

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