Marco Andrea Magni

Way to exist in this world

Light cutting (2014) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Going towards the Other

becomes a way to talk about sculpture, and an opportunity to do so, in the sense of sculpture as opportunity, circumstance, pretext and qualitative form. Sculpture can be broken up into the touchable surface, magnetized perimeters, attractions and distractions, and into vibrations, fine dust patinas, and a whole set of elements that are intangible and elusive.

Colpo d'occhio (2018) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

The work follows the flow of living experience, along a route that straddles moral philosophy and artistic reflection, arriving at the experience of sculpture, and eventually finding its epicentre in a continual questioning – via the encounter with the Other who becomes the talking-partner, and the measure.

Medicamenta (2015) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Rather than works of art, they seem to be ways of existing in the world, they arrange themselves in such a way as to follow its forms, taking in the right measurements for fitting in it, in each instance.

A thought concerning ways, images, and forms that cannot fail to set out, primarily, from the way in which they exist in the primary context of reality. Is it intention that creates sculpture?

Indeed, a fundamental part of his practice is the unpredictable opportunity of the relationship: everything arises and develops from desire, and from the ways of encountering the Other, of recognizing it, or incorrectly recognizing it.

Chimica (2015) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Figura (2015) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

The work is posited in the difficult point of contact between the indelible irreversibility of the past, and the indeterminate, temporary reality of the future. Only the ability to follow the (vibrating) rhythm of existence, in its alternating pulse, allows one to connect rigour and malleability, responsibility and intelligence, profundity and lightness, in a single knot.

As the sea and when the sky (2013) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

The creative instant is experienced as an interval, without aspiring to improbable transcendental states, or founding substances. It is more of a metaphysics that is interpreted with a view to daily action, such as intangibility, things fading away, fragility, irreversibility, eroticism, and energy.

Compasso per aureola (2018) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Fondale Rosa (2015) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

Marco Andrea Magni born in 1975 at Sorengo (CH) and now he lives and works lives and works in Milan.

Prefigura (2015) by Marco Andrea MagniTHAT'S CONTEMPORARY

After graduation at the Academy of Fine Art of Brera, he earns the FSE master in Organisation technique and Communication for Visual Arts. He attended the course of Visual Arts at Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, curated by Angela Vettese and Giacinto di Pietrantonio, with Richard Nonas. At IUAV in Venice, he participated in different seminars: Philosophy with Giorgio Agamben, History of Architecture with Roberto Masiero and Visual Art with Remo Salvadori. Selected solo exhibitions
: Fuggisole, Galleria FuoriCampo, Siena (2019); Touché, Il Crepaccio Instagram Show, curated by Caroline Corbetta (2019); Ho sempre agito per dispetto, curated by N. Mafessoni, Loom Gallery, Milano(2017); Frodi e Fedi, Surplace, Zentrum, Varese(2016); Marco Andrea Magni / Giovanni Kronenberg, Galleria FuoriCampo, Bruxelles (2014).

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This virtual exhibition was brought together with Zazà Ramen on the occasion of the exhibition “OGGI SONO PROPRIO CONTENTO DI STARE AL MONDO” visitable from October 9th 2019 to March 30th 2020. The texts are taken from the interview by Remo Salvadori
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