Cubism + Futurism

A dynamic portrait by Bohumil Kubišta

Portrait of Jan Zrzavý (1912) by Bohumil KubištaOlomouc Museum of Art

Bohumil Kubišta

Bohumil Kubišta (1884 - 1918) was a Czech painter, graphic artist, but also the author of theoretical essays and reflections on art  Active participant in the battles of the First World War. 

A member of the Prague innovative artistic group 'Osma'. A friend of Emil Filla and Vincent Benes. Member of the group Die Brücke and the provider of avant-garde ideas in home conditions.

In addition to the study of modern trends in art, he could utilise in his work is evident in his work and interest in the symbolic use of colour and sensitive treatment of the phenomenon of light.

Formally, his work is in the area of ​​cubism, expressionism content is affected, for the expression of dynamics going on does not hesitate to resort to the use of futuristic elements. 

His portrait of John Zrzavého combines the scrutiny of view with cubist background that brings into the picture turbulent atmosphere.

The actual figure of Zrzavého is given as a personality retain a peace of mind (see gaze somewhere behind the viewer), which simultaneously impinge on the attack and many surrounding (social) factors (see faceting faces, clothing, and background).

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