Remembering Mohamed Amin

How world leaders and celebrities look back at the legacy and life of the Kenyan photojournalist.

Mohamed Amin and family at the White House with George Bush by Mohamed AminMohamed Amin Foundation

"The world first saw the misery for itself as a result of Mohamed Amin’s persistence and courage in risking his life time and again to produce the televised coverage. Many millions are alive today because of his photography.”
George H.W. Bush, President of the United States

Mohamed Amin and Bob Geldof (1985)Mohamed Amin Foundation

"Time and again, Mo moved the world from apathy to an understanding of responsibility. He was a great journalist and a great man. For good or ill, he changed my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of others."
Sir Bob Geldof, Activist and Musician

Mohamed Amin with President MoiMohamed Amin Foundation

“Mohamed Amin was a true son of Kenya, an ideal ambassador who always took a positive view of our country, and of Africa in general, both at home and on his many trips abroad. He was fearless in his pursuit of the truth and, through his images, made us aware of all aspects of mankind. In his profession, he stood out as a beacon of excellence, never swerving from the right course, never influenced by prejudice or preferment. The nation mourned his loss, remembering his tireless efforts on behalf of those less fortunate than himself, regardless of the risk to his own life.”
President Daniel arap Moi of Kenya

Harry Belafonte and Ethiopian famine victims (1985) by Mohamed AminMohamed Amin Foundation

“Beyond all else, Mohamed Amin was an artist. It was this fact that touched the conscience of all who saw his work. It was his art that powerfully translated his remarkable instinct for interpreting the needs of the oppressed, and in doing so helped others understand their moral responsibility for the elimination of that oppression. The ability to see humanity within the whole framework set him apart.”
Harry Belafonte, Musician, Actor and Activist

Mohamed Amin and Michael Buerk (1984)Mohamed Amin Foundation

"Mo was the great survivor, apparently indestructible, a character so much larger than life that even though he plied his trade in the world’s killing grounds, even though he could be damaged, he would never be destroyed."
Michael Buerk, journalist

Memorabilia Columbia Broadcasting System Press Card (1967) by Trupti ShahMohamed Amin Foundation

"Mo was not beaten to a story in Africa in 30 years."
Mike Payne, Reuters

Mohamed Amin talking to Mother Teresa by Mohamed AminMohamed Amin Foundation

"God sent you for this hour my son.”
Mother Teresa

Mohamed Amin and Dolly Amin with Ken Krager and Bob Geldof (1985)Mohamed Amin Foundation

“The finest thing you can say about any human being is that his life made a difference in the world. Mo’s clearly did. His work was the catalyst that launched many African relief efforts around the world, including Band Aid, We Are The World, Live Aid, and others. His professionalism and dedication were an inspiration to us all.”
Ken Kragen, Agent and Producer

Mohamed Amin with Brian EastmanMohamed Amin Foundation

"He was driven by an old-fashioned sense of morality and honesty and a fundamental love of Africa." 
Brian Eastman, Carnival Films

Mohamed Amin with Mary Robinson (1993)Mohamed Amin Foundation

“He was a wonderful inspiration to all who knew him and will be especially remembered for his courageous coverage, over many years, of regions of conflict in Africa. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I opened the Images of Conflict exhibition in Dublin some years ago—an exhibition organised jointly by Reuters and Concern in remembrance of journalists and Irish volunteers who lost their lives in the cause of humanitarian ideals. 

That exhibition brought home starkly the dangers under which journalists operate when bringing news from war regions. It helps, even now, to put in context the courage of Mo Amin and others like him whose work challenged the international community to respond to the suffering and need which they so professionally portrayed. There is a story to be told—it is a story of courage, persistence, and humanitarian commitment."

Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, President of Ireland

Mohamed Amin with John Major (1991)Mohamed Amin Foundation

“You could be sure if you were on official business in Africa, Mo would be out there in front, getting the pictures. We all miss him. His contribution to his profession, and to the people of Africa is incalculable. He was unique, a man of outstanding courage and compassion.”
John Major, Prime Minister United Kingdom

Memorabilia accreditation cards and press cards by Trupti ShahMohamed Amin Foundation

"There’s nobody I would rather have been with in a dangerous situation. He always knew what to do, and how to do it.” 
Graham Hancock, Author

Memorabilia Calendar belonging to Mohamed Amin by Trupti ShahMohamed Amin Foundation

"Mo Amin was never a household name. He chose a life behind the camera."
Chip Duncan, photographer

Mohamed Amin with young Salim Amin by Mohamed AminMohamed Amin Foundation

"My father had the instincts of a warrior and heart of a leader. He was driven and there was no limit to capturing a good story. He knew his photographs were vital to how the world saw Africa."
Salim Amin, son of Mo Amin and Chairman of Camerapix

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