Dante Gabriel Rossetti: 11 works

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The Annunciation (Around 1849) by Dante Gabriel RossettiTate Britain

'Instead he wanted the picture to have a supernatural realism.White is the dominant colour here, communicating the idea of feminine purity. This is reinforced by the lily embroidery - the same one the Virgin is shown making in Rossetti's painting of The Girlhood of Mary Virgin, on display nearby.'

Portrait of Elizabeth Siddal Resting, Holding a Parasol (about 1852–1855) by Dante Gabriel RossettiThe J. Paul Getty Museum

'By 1852 she was working exclusively for painter-poet Rossetti and became his lover and his pupil.'

Beata Beatrix (Around 1864) by Dante Gabriel RossettiTate Britain

'Rossetti saw this work as a memorial to his wife, Elizabeth Siddall, who had died in 1862.'

The wedding of St George (1864) by Dante Gabriel RossettiArt Gallery of New South Wales

'Part of the appeal of this work is its personal subject matter: the artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti depicted himself as St George and his lover Elizabeth Siddal as the princess.'

The Loving Cup (1867) by Dante Gabriel RossettiThe National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo

'Rossetti, both a poet and a painter, drew his subject matter from the Bible, Greek mythology, Dante and Shakespeare in his creation of works filled with Romantic poetic sensibility that feature images of the "femme fatale."'

Found (1853/1869) by Dante Gabriel RossettiDelaware Art Museum

'This painting is the only large-scale example of Rossetti's work to grapple with the principles most relevant to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in its early years.'

Water Willow (1871/1871) by Dante Gabriel RossettiDelaware Art Museum

'Kelmscott Manor, the home that Morris and Rossetti jointly leased during the summer of 1871, is shown in the left background.'

Proserpine (1874) by Dante Gabriel RossettiTate Britain

'She was married to Dante Gabriel Rossetti's friend William Morris and was also Rossetti's lover.'

La Bella Mano (1875/1875) by Dante Gabriel RossettiDelaware Art Museum

'Rossetti completed the sonnet entitled La Bella Mano a year after the painting, suggesting the visual representation may have been the inspiration for the poem.'

Mary Magdalene (1877/1877) by Dante Gabriel RossettiDelaware Art Museum

'Although the model for this painting has not been identified, it may have been Rossetti's housemaid, whose name has come down to us in the present day only as "Mary." She personifies the archetypical Pre-Raphaelite notion of beauty with her red hair, large lips, and enticing brown eyes.'

The Day Dream (1880) by Dante Gabriel RossettiThe Victoria and Albert Museum

'The sitter for this painting was Jane Morris, the wife of William Morris, who often posed for Rossetti.'

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