Dishes of the Day

Contemporary and author's ceramics

Design Museum of Barcelona

Contemporary and author's ceramics

Dishes of the Day poster (2017) by Luis MazónDesign Museum of Barcelona


Dishes of the Day is a sample of the work being produced today in the workshops of some the country’s ceramists. Chefs such as Albert Adrià, Jordi Vilà, Jordi Cruz, Nandu Jubany and Quique Dacosta have sought out these creators to personalise their tableware and to add a touch of distinction and individuality to their tables, thereby ensuring they are in keeping with their own creativity in the food.

Blu Bowl (2016) by 40plumas, Creatividad en VidrioDesign Museum of Barcelona

Blu Bowl

Food container. White glazed ceramic, blown glass and sheet glass // Turned and hand-glazed container. The glass lidenables the contents tobe seen and provides protection from light.Twenty of these have been made, recycling artistic glass.

Cut&Fold (2016) by Paula OjeaDesign Museum of Barcelona


Bowls.  Porcelain dyed with oxidesand enamelled // Pentagon-shaped bowlswith bulging sides, caused by the firing temperature, that contrast with the straight edges. The collection is called Cut&Fold.

Safata 32.17 (2016) by Estudi Ceràmic [ba_Ro] (David Rosell, Anna Ballesté)Design Museum of Barcelona

Safata 32.17

Tray.  Stoneware clay //  The collection was designed on the basis of ergonomic principles for serving appetisers and sauces. It is easy to handle and stackable. Commissioned by the chef Prabhu Sukh from the Breaking Boiling Point culinary services company in Barcelona.

Teta-era (2015) by Olivier GrauDesign Museum of Barcelona


Teapot without a handle. White clay, low temperature //  An experimental piece that proves to be a part maternal, part erotic teapot. To pour the tea, the teapot must be held in both hands and hence its heat is felt.

Oceanic (2016) by Paula OjeaDesign Museum of Barcelona


Coffee set. Porcelain and glaze // This is part of the Oceanic collection, in which various fabrics are used to make the pieces, done in colours and patterns inspired by the marine environment. The sides are very thin, emphasising the translucence and texture of the porcelain.

Landscape (2017) by Penélope VallejoDesign Museum of Barcelona


Bowls and drinking vessels. Porcelain stoneware andglazes fired in micro reduction atmospheres //  The pieces make the most of the chromatic change in the glaze caused by the heat during firing, creating a different landscape in each item.

Alkimia (2016) by Katsue KusumiDesign Museum of Barcelona


Tableware. Porcelain //  Tableware characterised by the lightness and organic shape of the pieces. Hand-finished, hence every item is different. Commissioned by the chef Jordi Vilà from the Restaurant Alkimia in Barcelona.

Conjunt Restaurant 41º Experience (2016) by ImuuskDesign Museum of Barcelona

Conjunt Restaurant 41º Experience

Stoneware. Coffee set //   Set for serving coffee and infusions consisting of a range of items, among them cups, a sugar bowl,side plates and a small container for the bill. Commissioned by the chef Albert Adrià from the Restaurant 41° Experience in Barcelona.

Postre Xoco ABaC (2016) by Frosum (Àlex Añó i Katsue Kusumi)Design Museum of Barcelona

Postre Xoco

Jug and drinking vessel. Fire clay and borosilicate glass //   Made for serving desserts consisting of hot chocolate infused with spices and chocolate ice cream. Commissioned by the chef Jordi Cruz from the Restaurant ABaC in Barcelona and David Andrés Morera from the Restaurant Somiatruites in Igualada

La Caixa Fràgil (2016) by Katsue KusumiDesign Museum of Barcelona

La Caixa

Plate. Porcelain, cardboard and wood //  Delicate porcelain plate with the texture of polystyrene. Shipped in cardboard boxes on a pallet. Commissioned by the chef Jordi Cruz from the Restaurant ABaC in Barcelona.

Cráter, Horizonte, Volcán (2015-2016) by Cerámica SUVE (Suso Dobao i Verónica Pérez)Design Museum of Barcelona

Horizonte, Volcán, Cráter

Plates. Porcelain //  Various types of plates inspired by nature and designed using an organic language. Commissioned by the chef Pepe Solla from the Restaurant

Serie Vulcano 2 (2017) by Taller Bugambilia (Eulàlia Oliver i Glòria Ferrer)Design Museum of Barcelona

Serie Vulcano 2

Plates for tapas and oil. Black fire clay and moulded plates //  Plates with a glazed top and black refractory clay bottom.

Set b-n (2017) by Taller Bugambilia (Eulàlia Oliver i Glòria Ferrer)Design Museum of Barcelona

Set b-n

Set for snacks. Slip-cast porcelain, oxidation-fired //  Set of receptacles with a matt black interior and a white porcelain exterior.

Mango i Llima (2014) by Eulàlia NaveiraDesign Museum of Barcelona

Mango i Llima

Drinking vessel and small jugs. Slip-cast faience and moulded faience // Study for receptacles shaped by moulding fresh fruitand adding appendages that bear no relation to fruit. V&F project.

Ona, Cartró (2016, 2013) by Ivet BazacoDesign Museum of Barcelona

Ona, Cartró

Plates and very small bowl. Glazed stoneware //  Wavy black plate and white plate and bowl with the texture of cardboard. Ona and Textures projects.

Intuïció I-II (2016) by Carme BaladaDesign Museum of Barcelona

Intuïció I-II

Trays. Stoneware, incision and glaze //  Study of pieces made according to the chef’s instructions in order to achieve an austere resultin colours such as white and black and with a matt finish. Commissioned by the chef Albert Adrià from the Restaurant Enigma in Barcelona.

Gleba (2017) by Carlos IñestaDesign Museum of Barcelona


Stacking plates. Red clay with white glaze //  Small plates for holding produce of the land. Due to their shape and glazing, the plates can with stand daily use in restaurants. In addition, the glaze is protected by the support, made of red clay. Commissioned by the chef Quique Dacosta from the Restaurant Quique Dacosta in Dénia.

Joc Amanida Algues (2016) by Taller Bugambilia (Eulàlia Oliver i Glòria Ferrer)Design Museum of Barcelona

Joc Amanida Algues

Set of trays. Slip-cast porcelain, reduction firing //  Trays with a shiny white top and porcelain white bottom. Commissioned by the Restaurant Ikibana in Barcelona.

Fugu (2015) by Carlos IñestaDesign Museum of Barcelona


Plate. Stoneware fired at a high temperature //  Plate with a perforated lid that reveals the content before you look inside. Commissioned by the designer Vicente Gallega for the Diseño al Plato exhibition project.

Got Faceta (2016) by Rosa CortiellaDesign Museum of Barcelona

Got Faceta

Water glass. Porcelain //  A piece that grabs attentionat the table but is not merelydecorative. It suggests naturalness, tradition, elegance and innovation. It is “simply” a glass of water. Commissioned by the chef Nandu Jubany from the Restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes.

Hort (2016) by Rosa CortiellaDesign Museum of Barcelona


Stoneware. Plate for serving samples //  A surprising recipient that takes its inspiration from the concept of the typical container to grow seedlings, in which freshly picked vegetables from the restaurant’s own garden are served, emphasising their origin. Commissioned by the chef Nandu Jubany from the Restaurant Can Jubany in Calldetenes.

Tast d’Oli, Tast d’Olives (2016) by Rosa CortiellaDesign Museum of Barcelona

Tast d'Oli, Tast d'Olives

Plate and trays for serving samples. Porcelain //  The plates are decoratedwith olive tree branchesand leaves and consequentlyfeature an element ofthe landscape.Commissioned by the chefNandu Jubany from theRestaurant Can Jubanyin Calldetenes.

Plat Morena (2016) by Rosa CortiellaDesign Museum of Barcelona

Plat Morena

Plate. Stoneware, made by handand decorated with gold //  Inspired by a moray eel, this is an intriguing plate that hints at the colours of this fish, the texture of its skin, its movement and its longitudinal shape. Commissioned by the chef Fernando P. Arellano from the Restaurant Zaranda on Mallorca.

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