Fondazione Musei Senesi

Fondazione Musei Senesi
Siena, Italia

The Fondazione Musei Senesi brings together forty museums in a unified system that offers invaluable evidence of the Sienese cultural identity. This immense cultural wealth is made even more precious by the fact that  the museums are often housed in monumental buildings of major architectural interest and are linked by geographical proximity and historical continuity to the contexts where they were created, presenting a paradigmatic example of ecomuseum. The collections preserved in the Sienese museums embrace in this way the entire civilization of the Land of Siena (and more) from its Etruscan origins to the modern day, in the most diverse forms of art-historical, archeological, scientific, natural, and anthropological holdings. They offer a unique journey and an extraordinary way to experience the area.

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Fondazione Musei SenesiBanchi di Sotto, 34
53100 Siena SI
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