Polish LGBTQIA Museum - Foundation Q

Polish LGBTQIA Museum - Foundation Q
Warsaw, Polonia

The creation of a virtual museum is related to the existing archive of the Historical Club LGBTQIA FEM / ... Fundacja Q. Archival collections are usually "hidden" in archives and we were very much interested in sharing them. Thanks to this, we are showing that we are making sure that as a LGBTQ + minority in Poland we are not marginalized by deleting our history from the official circulation. At the same time, we also wanted to show the fact that the LGBTQ + community can be seen more broadly than just through sexuality. It is one of those activities by means of which we want to show all of our life, finding a lot of positives in it, for example the number of activities, initiatives, people and their creativity. We would like to state that we are doing something good and we are on the "good side" without being confrontational

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Polish LGBTQIA Museum - Foundation QPrzasnyska 7/144,
01-756 Warsaw
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