Irlande Insurrection de Pâques 1916

Discover a digital archive of hundreds of photographs, artifacts, and documents in high resolution and get to know the people, places and stories of the Easter Rising that forever changed the course of Irish history.


Découvrez les témoignages et analyses détaillés des experts.

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National Library of Ireland

The National Library of Ireland on Kildare Street was founded in 1877. It helps to collect and make available the collective memory of the Irish nation at home and abroad, caring for more than ten million printed, visual and manuscript treasures. From fourteenth century Gaelic manuscripts to the papers of Yeats and Joyce and the works of contemporary Irish writers, the NLI is a key repository of Ireland’s national literary heritage. It is also the guardian of personal histories in the form of vast archives of letters, photographs and diaries.

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Explorez des vues panoramiques de sites célèbres dans le cadre des visites Street View à 360˚.

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464 éléments

Explorez des images, des œuvres et d'autres objets en haute résolution.

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