Harry Potter: A History of Magic

Explore the wonders of the British Library exhibition

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The British Library

“Because that's what Hermione does," said Ron, shrugging. "When in doubt, go to the library.”

– Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Experience the magic

The Super Carlin Brothers meet The British Library's Julian Harrison

Discover the artistry of Jim Kay

Meet the man illustrating the latest editions of Harry Potter books

The history of magic 💫

From the Ripley Scroll to exploding cauldrons

The wizarding world brought to life

Colourful portraits and scenes from Jim Kay

Explore the details of Jim Kay's sketches

From Professor Lupin to Diagon Alley

How to study like a wizard

From Charms class to Alchemy – discover the history behind the magic classes at Hogwarts

The early sketches and notes of J.K. Rowling

From handwritten chapters to notes and edits

Magical creatures through the ages 🐉

And a few fantastic beasts

Bringing Harry Potter to children around the world

Are you a teacher or parent?

A downloadable lesson plan can be used by teachers in class or by students to work through at their own pace

Uncover more magic

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