Teatro alla Scala, Milan

Dating from 1778, one of the world's oldest and most famous theaters now opens its doors to everyone

An orchestra in your living room

From their home to yours

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Opera for all

Why La Scala is one of the world's most iconic theaters

The theater comes to you

Step on stage, watch the rehearsals, and see the costumes up close

Step on stage

Take a Tour of La Scala Stage and Auditorium

Did you know that horses used to parade the theater?

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse

Explore the bits you don't normally get to see at La Scala Theater

Explore through color

From purple-hued performances to green gowns

Take your seat

The drama, glamour, and grandeur of the opera show

The curtain lifts

Top 5 Scala Performances of All Time

Verdi, Salieri, Paganini, and more!

Who wrote the first opera performed at La Scala?

How to make an opera

What goes into making it happen?

Opera is not just for old people

New audiences are rising

Face the music

Some of the craziest, most dramatic expressions from La Scala's stage

Know the score

The baton-wielding conductors who bring the music to life

Zoom into the music

Compositions and operatic scores from Beethoven, Mozart, Rossini and Verdi and more

The Manuscript Archive

From an unknown composition by Mozart to Paganini's will

Who out of this list did NOT have their debut at La Scala?
Andrea Bocelli

The ultimate divas

Maria Callas, Carla Fracci, and more icons of the stage

See more images of the actors


Meet the talented artists who became the stars of La Scala

Work hard, perform harder

Explore where artists become experts

The people who pull it all together

The backstage stars who make the magic happen

From sketch to stitch

The drawings behind some La Scala's best costume designs

8 Beautiful and Intricate Costume Designs

The figurines behind the frocks

A peek into the workshop

Take a sneak peek of the Caramba Pavilion where tailors creates and readapt the iconic costumes

Dressed to impress

Costumes captured in super high-resolution

See all the costumes

Filling the bill

Posters from the most iconic performances

More posters

Ready, sets, go!

The dreamy world of set design at La Scala

A picture paints a thousand worlds

Explore the fantasy locations created by artists like Giacomo Balla and more

Which artist made the set for The Rake's Progress?
David Hockney
The Rake's Progress

All the world's a stage

The complex layers of an opera stage

How many seats does La Scala have?
Don Giovanni

An architectural marvel

Explore some of the most interesting spots at La Scala Theater

The Chameleon Theater

Red velvet, winged chariots, and... Austrian spies

The changing face of an icon

How the theater building has looked across the ages

Explore La Scala Through Time

Did you know that box owners were originally allowed to decorate them to their own taste?

Always look at the bright side

La Scala shines even away from the spotlight

Treasures of the museum

The curtain never closes...

See La Scala's full collection

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